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Family hassles and misunderstandings on a luxury ship cruise

  • Madan Mohan Marwah

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    Desimartini | Updated - June 26, 2015 10:03 AM IST
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    Verdict - A top ensemble cast, good visuals and catchy music are highlights

    Dil Dhadakne DoWatch trailerRelease date : June 05, 2015

    One will tend to compare this film with the earlier Zoya Akhtar film " Zindagi na milegi dobara" which was a shade better in all departments. This film is more over the top, loud and has gloss over the characters making them identifiable only with the small number of privileged page 3 class of this country. Nevertheless the entertainment quotient is high and hence people will like it no matter what critics say.


    The action in this film takes place aboard a luxury liner. Anil Kapoor plays an ageing financially unstable businessman who is celebrating his 30th marriage anniversary and has invited his friends for the cruise. He has an agenda to turn around his business by marrying his son into a wealthy family but fate has other plans


    On this voyage Anil is accompanied by

    a) his sophisticated wife who has similar desires to get her son married and who is traditional otherwise

    b) his married daughter Priyanka Chopra caught in a loveless marriage with husband Rahul Bose ( a non romantic,aggressive MCP)

    c) his laid back, happy go lucky son Ranveer Singh who is not interested in the family business and wants to make a career in aviation since he holds a pilot's licence. To make things worse he falls for dancer Anushka Sharma who is, horror of horrors, a Muslim.

    d) Farhan Akhtar who is Priyanka's earlier love interest and who happens to be the son of Anil's manager.

    e) Around a dozen prosperous looking uncles/ aunties and their grown up kids

    f) Not forgetting dog Pluto who is a little more than a dog since he periodically keeps saying wise things in the voice of Aamir Khan ( A kind of canine sutradhar if ever there was one )

    Problems for Anil Kapoor arise because son Ranveer refuses to join family business,wants to marry dancer Anushka and not the rich girl choice of parents. Also because Anil does not approve of daughter Priyanka wanting to divorce her husband. In both cases it is the middle class syndrome of " Log kya kahengay" which is the stumbling block.

    Director Zoya Akhtar keeps the proceedings interesting with some racy dialogue and attractive visuals. There is also a well shot dance number where everyone dances. It is definitely the highlight of the film.The scenes are presented gorgeously most of the time. A long scene of family disccssions where skeletons tumble out is done well. The dance with Ranveer and Anushka is appealing.


    All actors have pitched in with good performances. As the harassed patriarch caught between tradition and family wishes Anil Kapoor has done well. Ranveer is surprisingly good in his restrained avatar as a soft lover boy. Priyanka as the meek and submissive daughter caught in a unhappy marriage is impressive. Shefali Shah also does well as Anil's wife. Her cake eating scene (due to her jealousy) has been done realistically. Rahul Bose is a piece of perfect casting. Both Farhan and Anushka are likable in interesting cameos.

    Some picturesque locales of the Mediterranean cities are presented attractively with music to match.The photography helps in making the film attractive.

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