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  • The King is back indeed

    Inspector VIjay

    Desimartini | Updated - December 22, 2011 22:44 PM IST
    4.1DM (6100 ratings)

    Verdict - Watch it !!!!!

    Don 2Watch trailerRelease date : December 23, 2011

    When Farhan Akhtars Don released in 2006, I never thought he (or SRK) would pull off a character made so iconic by Amitabh Bachchan in the original, but they succeeded. Now the ace director returns with a sequel to his 2006 hit, this time with a thrilling caper set in Berlin. While the trailer looks exciting, is the final product SRKs answer to his detractors after the Ra-One debacle?

    Scintillating, Slick & enjoyably filmi, King Khan shows how its done as he bounces back with a devilishly sinister avatar, one thats just so much fun to watch.

    Starting off in Malaysia, the film begins with a riveting action sequence and an arrest. A prisonbreak chapter follows post which the story moves to Europe. The Don returns for a new job, a heist in Germany for which he brings Vardhaan(Boman) & Sameer(Kunal K) on board. With Malik(Om P) & Roma(Priyanka) close at his heels, does he manage to pull off another one of his elaborate crimes?

    The film starts off with a bang and his entry sequence is unmissable. He mouths entertaining one-liners and has all the guns and action in tow. At 2hrs20min the film is probably off by 5-10 minutes, but works. The first half moves at a rapid pace while the second feels a tad bit longer. The suspense is not the best & the climax a bit off.

    The action sequences by Matthias Barsch are truly upto international standards. From car chases & hand-to-hand combats, to gun-fights & explosions the film has it all. The cinematography by Jason West lends it an almost Bourne-like feel which is brilliant.

    Though the soundtrack by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy is mediocre, theres only 1 song in the whole film, a first for a commercial Bollywood film and commendable for being true to the kind of film it is. Though an inclusion of a song in the 2nd half is something I would have loved and felt was much needed.

    Shahrukh Khan makes being evil so cool that you cant help but enjoy his mesmeric performance. While some might even hate his overtly cocky act, I enjoyed it thoroughly, my only complaint being I didnt get enough of him talking through the film. The Donisms used in the promos were very well written but sadly not part of the film.
    Off the rest,Nawab Shah is first rate, Boman & Kunal are great & Priyanka strictly ok.

    Director Farhan Akhtar continues his 100% track record and in my view is the top superstar of the director brigade. Being inherently filmi, yet so stylized, he manages to marry old school Bollywood with new age filmmaking with panache and can safely be called as the most dependable out there.

    While I preferred the first part, this one too is right up there as it shows us that we can be Bollywood & Hollywood at the same time.
    In todays day where trends show the return of 70s style cinema, we have one who does it with modern sensibilities. Watch out for a subtle plug at the end as one waits for the 3rd instalment.
    Yes, the King is Back to enthral you in all his villainous glory!

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  • Raja Satish

    Raja Satish

    195 Reviews , 74 Followers
    Rated 3.0September 24, 2012

    Welcome to stylish copycatism!!

    tWhile I was watching Don 2, first I guessed the end, I thought it must be like "The Score" (*ing Marlon Brando, Robert Di Niro and Edward Norton)....read more

  • Richa Awasthi

    Richa Awasthi

    3 Reviews
    Rated 3.5September 22, 2012


    hey the new


  • Neeraj


    1 Reviews
    Rated 3.0April 20, 2012

    Average movie

    SRK is not the original Don.

  • Neha


    3 Reviews
    Rated 3.0April 02, 2012

    No.1 Movie


  • Teja


    3 Reviews
    Rated 3.0March 31, 2012

    Very nice

    Don 2 is a winner. It will score at the box-office and yield good profits to all concerned.