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    Desimartini | Updated - March 05, 2014 1:45 AM IST
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    Verdict - SRK Shines bright, wish the script did half as much

    Don 2Watch trailerRelease date : December 23, 2011

    With Don 2, SRK manages to erase the mediocrity of Ra.One clear. He is the soul of the film which otherwise is too slow and has too little content.

    Don surrenders, only to run away with his enemy from the previous film Vardhaan, and this time his mission is to loot the DZB in Berlin. In the process, we go through picturesque locales of Tahiland, Berlin and Zurich. Almost every scene of the film unfolds outside India, with Indians conveniently in all the top important positions, including the VP of DZB.

    While one can overlook these gaps, the script per se doesn't have much in it to impress. The story line is razor thin, and stretched beyond need, at a pace that is excruciating. There are twists and turns, but none are as surprising as the climatic punch of the previous film. Most of the turns are predictable, and happen so slowly that the impact is lost. Then there are the characterizations. Priyanka as Roma looks lost, and she is, since she doesn't really have anything to do in this film. Her sudden love for Don in the end only seems embarrassing coming from a director like Farhaan.

    The film however, is not unwatchable and that is entirely only and only because of SRK. As Don, he is shrewd, evil and calculating, at the same time cool as a cucumber. He overpowers everyone else in the film, with sheer power of his presence and performance. He enjoys being the bad guy and we sure are not complaining. The action sequences are the other amazing part of the film, at par with international standards.

    Don 2 is a definite one time watch, but only for those who loved the first SRK starrer Don. For others, the film would be a drag. And do not waste money on the 3D version, there is absolutely nothing that merits sitting through the pain of those 3D glasses in this film.

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    Welcome to stylish copycatism!!

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    Average movie

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    Very nice

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