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  • Simple Sweet and Snazzy

    Ameet Bhuvan (2,108 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - February 27, 2015 13:10 PM IST
    3.4DM (1468 ratings)

    Verdict - The best from YRF in recent times, this one wins you over

    Dum Laga Ke HaishaWatch trailerRelease date : February 27, 2015

    Can you imagine a YRF film that is shorn of opulent sets, gaudy colors, loud songs, and slim good bodies for actors? Can you imagine a YRF film that is set in real world small town, not the make believe small town of a Rab ne bana di jodi? Can you even think of a Hindi film heorine who , well, is the antithesis of good figure and size zero? From the house that regularly serves us insipid Dhooms and Jab Tak hai Jaans, DLKH is a refreshing surprise that blows you over with its simplicity and honesty.

    Lappu is a good for nothing tenth fail who is forced into an arranged marraige with a B.Ed pass fat rotund girl Sandhya. He hates the marriage, finds her unattractive, she likes him and is in love with the very idea of being married. As is often mentioned in the film, two vessels put together make noise and sparks fly- The marriage almost breaks down as a court ordered 6 months of living together brings the two closer to their own realities and in effect to each other.

    Set in the 90's small town Haridwaar, DLKH scores a ten on ten in getting the period and nuances right. From Kumar Sanu's nasal songs to the cringe worthy melodrama of the songs and lyrics, from the new fangled ideas of independnece of women fired by a libeeralising economy and society to the firm beliefe in marriage being a solution to all problems, DLKH is believable and relatable. Unlike previous YRF films, there is nothing that is out of ordinary or unreal to marr the expereince of slice of life that the movie serves.

    Added to this are the amazing set of actors, Seema Pahwa, Sanjay Mishra (who just last year wowed us with Aankhoin Dekhi) bring life to the ensemble cast , used brillinatly to bring out the farce in everyday life of us Indians. Shot beautifully, scene by scene we are taken through a journey that is at once a film and our own life.

    The icing on the cake is the lead, Ayushman Khurana is in his element as the confused vulnerable unsure son while debutant Bhumi Padnekar steals the show like nobody's business. In the most powerful debuts for a Hindi heorine in recent times, Bhumi lives and breathes her part, she she coyly smiles as the new bride, or puts the bua in place with her sharp tongue, she is warm likeable and superlative as Sandhya.

    Light and frothy as it might be on the surface, DLKH deals with serious issues that society is dealing with in the India outside the mainstream media discourse- a country liberalising faster than it can spell the word, morales and nroms are up for a toss as gender roles blurr and assertive women take charge. The dichotomy of this situation and the flux it causes in relationships, especially arranged marraiges are brought out in the movie with ease and finesse. The farce makes you laugh and yet stings you sharp with reality.

    Seldom do we get such gems from a big production house in Hindi films. Watch this in the theaters without fail, this small honest film deserves and needs all the support it gets.

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