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All audience reviews of Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

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  • Manik Roda

    Manik Roda

    8 Reviews
    Rated 4.5February 14, 2012

    fun loving movie.....

    EMAET is the sweetest heartbreak that Bollywood has conjured in a long, long time. It works both as a college buddy movie and a date movie; for the...read more

  • Abhishek


    2 Reviews
    Rated 2.5February 13, 2012

    Average movie

    Not upto the mark. An average movie.

  • Gaurav Gadre

    Gaurav Gadre

    107 Reviews , 2 Followers
    Rated 3.5February 12, 2012

    Ek Hit and there's Laughter too.

    First things first, this movie is no where close to the hollywood rom com flick 'What happens in Vegas'. Even though the promos suggest similarity ...read more

  • Rony D'costa

    Rony D'costa

    407 Reviews , 107 Followers
    Rated 3.0February 11, 2012

    An Easy Watch

    Rom Com a term that clearly tells you that the movie is about love but dont go looking for deeper meanings and complexities about the same. Sit bac...read more

  • Ameet Bhuvan

    Ameet Bhuvan

    399 Reviews , 118 Followers
    Rated 3.0February 10, 2012

    Breezy entertainment

    Ek main aur Ek tu is old wine in a new bottle that isn't too jazzed up. Taking off from What Happens in Vegas, Riana and Rahul (Kareena and Imr...read more