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  • Rony D'costa

    Rony D'costa

    Desimartini | Updated - January 14, 2014 4:47 PM IST
    3.5DM (2193 ratings)

    Verdict - EMAET is an easy watch but fails to connect at the heart level.

    Ek Main Aur Ekk TuWatch trailerRelease date : February 10, 2012

    Rom Com a term that clearly tells you that the movie is about love but dont go looking for deeper meanings and complexities about the same. Sit back with your date or yourself with a tub of popcorn and a glass of pepsi and just have a good time.

    What's it about? - Spread over a period of 14 days it is about Imran Khan finding love & himself and Kareena Kapoor finding a friend but at the same time staying clueless thinking that since she has had a spate of screwed up relationships the problem lies with her. Maybe, she will find love and herself in the sequel which in this suddenly sequel obsessed industry is quite a possibility.

    How is it? - Theek hai

    What works? - Shakun Batra's Woody Allen and Before Sunrise/ Before Sunset inspired direction is mostly about two people having conversations. Thankfully, Shakun doesn't make a mess of it but neither does he offer any interesting insights about love and relationships. Shakun and Ayesha Devitre's screenplay is more like an amateur chick lit novel. Kareena Kapoor plays a less excited version of Geet but doesn't make it look like a repeat performance and she is yummylicious to watch on screen. Clinton Cerejo is the invisible star of the film who with his background music holds your attention even without you being aware of it. Kareena's family is a delight to watch especially the father and the granny. Kareena tells Imran in the film you are perfectly average. Imran khan is just that. The twitching of the eyebrow is in control. As an actor he is best suited for roles which do not call for bollywood histronics so he fits well here. The only thing that is deep in the film are Amitabh Bhattacharya's lyrics and Amit Trivedi's composition especially aahatein.

    What doesn't - Kareena dosen't look or sound like a catholic girl at all. Watch Suchitra Krishnamurthy play Anna in kabhi haan kabhi naa to know the difference. If Kareena's family is perfect casting then Imran Khan's family is the opposite of that. Boman Irani is in yet another look at my scowl role and ratna pathak does an irritating version of the fantastic character from Sarabai vs Sarabai.

    Final few words - EMAET is an easy watch but fails to connect at the heart level.

    Rating - ** 1/2 (theek hai)

    Ticket meter - worth 150/- bucks

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