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  • Inspector VIjay

    Inspector VIjay

    Desimartini | Updated - June 30, 2013 12:55 AM IST
    3.5DM (2193 ratings)

    Verdict - Fresh, fun, go for it...

    Ek Main Aur Ekk TuWatch trailerRelease date : February 10, 2012

    We all know that Karan Johar is a master of the glossy popcorn cinema that offers nothing starkly new but still tricks audiences into filling in those halls time and again. This outing, he returns again with a not-so-novel idea, but is it worth the effort to go to your nearest cinema?
    Absolutely, EMAET is a breezy, light-hearted rom-com thats a fun weekend watch.

    There is nothing exquisitely new in the story. An underachiever, out-of-work architect Rahul(Inran) has a demanding father(Boman Irani) & a hilariously social victim of a mother(Ratna Pathak). On the other hand, you have a free spirited aspiring hair stylist Riana(Kareena Kapoor) who manages to cross his path.

    Set in Vegas, the film deals with a drunken night of madness that unites both these individuals and the friendship that ensues. What happens of it is for you to see and find out, but lets just say its not as sappy as the umpteen other romcoms that hit screens every week.

    The first half brings a smile to your face and has a great feel to it. There are some genuinely well-written moments and the narrative moves at a good pace. The second half moves to India and herein lies the fall as the film dips towards the end when the drama kicks in.

    The music by Amit Trivedi is fantastic and easy on the ears, though the songs could have been spread out a bit more.
    The cinematography by David MacDonald is stellar as he captures the slick locales of Vegas in all its glory but at the same time lends the film a very believable touch unlike the regular Dharma films.

    From the performances, Kareena Kapoor dazzles in a character she makes her own. She looks stunning and steals the show. Ratna Pathak Shah also packs a solid punch in her small bit. Imran Khan starts off well but once the emotions come in, he falters yet again and displays his narrow range as an actor.

    First timer Shakun Batra succeeds. He has a unique storytelling style and is another newbie from the Johar stable who impresses. The only problem lies in the drama towards the end which somehow tends to fall in the typical Bollywood zone, yet the end salvages the film.

    So this Valentines weekend, make EMAET your pick as this film is fresh & enjoyable for most of it. Though part inspired, you will get your moneys worth as this one is less froth and more entertainment.

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    ek mein or ek tu

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