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  • Rony D'costa

    Rony D'costa

    Desimartini | Updated - November 28, 2014 7:15 PM IST
    3.8DM (19991 ratings)

    Verdict - Amidst cheers, claps and whistles watching Ek Tha Tiger in Chandan (an old single screen theatre in Mumbai) was like watching a cricket match with a bunch of friends.

    Ek Tha TigerWatch trailerRelease date : August 15, 2012

    You dont review a Salman Khan film. You review the experience. Ironically the last Salman Khan film I really enjoyed was Dabangg which I saw in the same theatre as Ek Tha Tiger.

    Ek Tha Tiger was a good fun experience. The most fun I had at a Salman Khan film since Dabangg.

    What I write now is the experience and multiple thoughts that were hitting my senses while watching this film.

    - The action is good but if the action is good then the credit should go to the action director and the stuntman. If you have a sharp eye you can actually see Salmans face stuck on the stunt guy at a lot of places. Oh, I miss my childhood days when I used to believe the hero does all the action.

    - The best thing that impressed me about writer/director Kabir Khan is that he has written a heroines character which is at par with the hero. The heroine can save herself and also helps the hero in his fight sequences. Clap,clap,clap just for that

    - Watching beautiful locations like Dublin, Istanbul and Cuba was such a relief from Salmans last two films where all we saw was a huge bungalow which is filled with a larger than life family that comes in all shapes and sizes.

    - Story? Well who needs a story in a bhai film nowadays? but here there is one. Alas the story of RAW and ISI is so predictable and silly at places that for those two hours you might feel you are better than all the RAW and ISI agents shown in the film.

    - The romance is well handled. The humor is nice and thankfully Salman and Katrina together on screen didnt give me nightmares of Yuvraaj.

    - In fact I came out really impressed by Katrinas performance. Going by what Kabir Khan extracted from her I am much more confident of the Yash Chopra romance now.

    - The entire take on the India Pak issue was quite amateur. Why did Kabir Khan with his experience in documentary filmmaking choose this canvas for a subject that deserved to be a film like Kabul Express?

    - The climax was a little underwhelming. I expected some more fireworks to happen.

    Word of Mouth Amidst cheers, claps and whistles watching Ek Tha Tiger in Chandan (an old single screen theatre in Mumbai) was like watching a cricket match with a bunch of friends.

    Rating 3.5(good)

    Ticket meter worth adding your money to the Crores it will make

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