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  • Some genuinely hilarious moments, but a weak 2nd half!

    Inspector VIjay

    Desimartini | Updated - August 08, 2014 10:23 AM IST
    3.5DM (3507 ratings)

    Verdict - Starts off as a funny mindless film, ends up being preachy & boring!

    EntertainmentWatch trailerRelease date : August 08, 2014

    I'll be honest. After the first promo of Entertainment, I was actually keen to watch the film because Akshay Kumar vs A dog, written by Sajid-Farhad is something that makes me laugh. But as more material hit us, it became less & less funny, eventually leading to me going in with zero expectations.

    I came out tired, bored & hoping that the 2nd half was as hilarious as the first.


    1. Krushna Abhishek. Holy *** this guy is funny. He has the best lines & pretty much every scene of his is a riot. Star of the film by far.

    2. Mithunda.Playing a miser, he makes the most of his extended cameo & delivers the right punches.

    3. Johny Lever. Well, he doesnt disappoint too often & put him in an old-school masala comedy & he fits like a glove.

    4. Prakash Raj, who does justice to his comic-villanous avatar.


    1. Tamannah. What was she even there for. Poorly written & barely there.

    2. Akshay Kumar. Strange, considering he is the star here, but doesnt deliver the punches. He looks old, weird hairstyle & a farcry from the Housefull-2 AK.

    3. Sonu Sood, who hams to the point of irritation.

    4. Crappy music & the best song is in the end credits.

    5. The dog Entertainment: Unfortunately, a film with animals should have them as the centerpiece but this one uses them more as a prop. Disappointing.

    6. Irritating comic action in the pre-climax. Just not funny.

    All in all, at 140 minutes, this film stretches far too long. A fun start is derailed by a boring & unnecessarily emotional 2nd half which genuinely puts you to sleep after a point. Watch it from the stellar Krushna Abhishek if you must. If you have kids, I'm surely they will be entertained in good doses.

    Director duo Sajid-Farhad have proven themselves as great massy writers but in their debut directorial venture, it becomes their undoing.

    A one time watch at best!

    One of the funniest scenes in the movie:

    Tamannah meeting a guy for marraige & her dad Mithun says: Beta, tumhara favourite colour Peela hai na. Tumhe yeh ladka bahaut pasand aayega, uske daant dekho!

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