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A sixer in a sports car!

  • Smita Vyas Kumar

    Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - February 26, 2014 4:55 PM IST
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    Verdict - A feel good movie with some grab acting

    Ferrari Ki SawaariWatch trailerRelease date : June 15, 2012

    Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a totally feel good movie. It is choc a bloc with bittersweet moments that make you go Awww and bring a tiny tear at the edge of your eye and twist your lips in a sad smile. It is in the same genre as Munnabhai (since it comes from the same stable-Vidhu Vinod Chopras. Also, Raj Kumar HIrani is the Creative Consultant for the movie and the Director Rajesh MApuskar has worked with HIrani) but is not as good as Munnabhai and does not even come close to Three Idiots in its story or its telling.

    Horribly honest Rusy is the head clerk at the Worli RTO. He lives with his grouchy dad (Boman Irani) and his super talented at cricket son, Kayo. Things become challenging when Kayo gets picked to go to a coaching camp at Lords, which costs 1.5 lacs. Rusi does not have the money, cant get a loan and is desperate. This starts a totally unlikely chain of events where he is promised 1.5 lacs if he could get a Ferrari for a politicians sons wedding. His attempts at doing this snowball into something bigger than Rusy had bargained for, before the movie finds a solution.

    The pace at places is slow and there are a few things that dont follow through logically. But these are minor glitches that come to you only after you are out of the theatre. In the dark, you are entranced by Kayos innocent acceptance of his talent, Rusis desperation to do the right thing by his son and the grand dads fear of history repeating itself. You cry with the characters and laugh when they score small victories. And so the movie works.

    The cast is beyond first rate. Sharman plays a mild mannered Parsi man pushed into a corner, to perfection. Ritwik Sahore as Kayo is effortless and he just has to smile to win you over. Boman Irani playing the frustrated old Parsi cricketer who does not get his due is simply amazing. There are plenty others in the cast too.. the watchman of Sachins building and his servant, the Koli politician and Paresh Rawal as the oily cricketer who cheated the granddad. Each person pitches perfectly and hits sixes and fours all over the place.

    Except for a tiny part in the end, which is a bit melodramatic, and over the top, the rest is like being in Toyland with Noddy. It is a fairytale that reminds us of values like honesty and bravery and that with a little bit of luck most of us will get by. That is the true triumph of this movie. Go, enjoy!

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