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  • Cinema spreads love across borders!

    Inspector VIjay

    Desimartini | Updated - June 06, 2014 15:23 PM IST
    3.8DM (1174 ratings)

    Verdict - Lots of soul & a brilliant performances..

    FilmistaanWatch trailerRelease date : June 06, 2014

    How many Indo-Pak films have we seen coming out of Bollywood. Some are melodramatic, some are patriotic & some are just plain bad. This time, we have a litle gem that UTV has backed & one which deserves the support from all film lovers in town.


    1. Some of the best performances by an entire cast I have seen since Shahid last year. From the prinicpal cast to the extras, all leave a mark, with Sharib standing out.

    2. A fun & interesting story, that has cinema as a backdrop.

    3. Brilliantly written dialogues & moments, esepcially the one with the Maine Pyaar Kiya reference.

    4. A great effort by first time director Nitin Kakkar on a shoestring budget.

    5. Sending a message without being preachy. Its not about the countries, its about cinema.

    6. Cinematographer Subharnsu Das deserves a pat for making most of all at his disposal. It looks authentic yet not indie.


    1. Definitely a long drawn final act takes away from letting it be a masterpiece.

    2. Long moments in the 2nd half, without the right punch of wit, slow down the pace considerably.

    3. The film relies too much on the actors rather than the script, luckily they match up.

    There are people who might come out & say, that was a bit long, but I personally didnt mind it. There is so much soul in this little film that I was ready to overlook the shortcomings. I am sure to wait for Nitin Kakkar's next because after a long time, someone has been able to beautifully tell the story of Ind vs Pak without being political or histrionic.

    For anyone as obsessed with Bollywood as I am, this ones a definite watch. For others, I'd still reccomend it.

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