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  • Gabbar is Back & He's Almost As Entertaining As The Original One

    Parichay Mehta

    Desimartini | Updated - May 01, 2015 17:14 PM IST
    3.4DM (3907 ratings)

    Verdict - Gabbar is a breath of fresh air among India ka so-called lame Tyohaar.

    Gabbar is BackWatch trailerRelease date : May 01, 2015

    What happens when you start expecting more & more from an actor? Sometimes, the actor lives up to the expectations, sometimes he/she can't. Luckily, Akshay Kumar falls in the first category. With films like Special 26, Holiday & Baby coming back to back from him, it was obvious to expect more from Gabbar. The trailer suggested that it's going to be one social masala film. And thankfully, Akshay Kumar lived up to the expectation.

    Gabbar is about a common man who rises against the corruption after losing his family in an earthquake-building mishap, which was indirectly related to corrupt people. His style is different, he is punishing corrupt officers & wants to bring about change in the society. The most accurate dialogue of the film summarizes our society. "Hum log sirf ek hi kaam puri imaandaari se karte hai. Beimaani"

    Gabbar is all about Akshay Kumar & his acting. He is brilliant as Aditya/Gabbar. Shruti Hassan is also there in the film but overshadowed by Akshay Kumar. If you see the film, you'll see that almost all actors are overshadowed by Akki in this film. Story is very cliche and you might feel like remembering films like Jay Ho! & other social reforms related films. But it won't disappoint you one bit.

    Acting by all the actors is brilliant. Direction is kickass. Editing is a bit sloppy, but the cinematography makes up for it. Songs are not memorable & honestly, 3 songs in such a film look out of place. The film would have been more enjoyable if these songs were absent. Overall background music is pleasing though. The length is perfect, especially the climax. It was very easy to screw up the climax by following the sheep approach of Indian cinema but they did something different & made the film almost perfect!

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