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  • Smita Vyas Kumar

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    Desimartini | Updated - February 04, 2014 12:46 PM IST
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    Verdict - NOt as good as the first one. Too long and meandering

    Gangs of Wasseypur IIWatch trailerRelease date : August 08, 2012

    I did not like Gangs of Wasseypur 2 as much as I liked the first movie. Maybe, it needs to be seen as one whole movie with 4 breaks to fully enjoy the experience. As it is, it has a huge set of new characters to deal with and if you do not remember everything from the first movie then you are in trouble with the second. The movie seems to lose the energy and wickedness it had in the first part.

    Maybe this low energy is a reflection of the tiredness that the central character of Faisal Khan feels in his unwilling role as the don who has taken over his fathers mantle because there is no one else to do it. He would rather be romancing his wife and smoking charas than fighting politicians and running an illegal business. So the movie kind of meanders in a charsi haze of killings and revenges. The second wifes son Definite emerges as the main character in this story of stabbings and backstabbings and shifting loyalties. If there is a Gangs of Wasseypur 3 being thought of, Defiinite will definitely be the star in it.

    The music also failed to move me in this movie. I guess, the first part was a surprise for me in all aspects, the setting, the mileu the characters, the dialogues, everything was new and fresh so grabbed me. Now we are like quasi residents of Wasseypur and feel a bit jaded with our surroundings. I also felt the movie was a bit too clever at times that took away from its sincerity.

    The humour is wickedly intact though. The scene where Sultan Qureshi gets killed in the sabzi mandi for example is hilarious. Wish there was some more romance though in this part. The first part had whetted my appetite for it tremendously. Also, its too long without the nervous energy to sustain this length.

    Of course, you will see GoW 2 if you have seen GOW 1. Its like a sequel to a good book that you have to read. Maybe you will like it more than me. I will refrain from either recommending it or not.

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