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Fitting Finale with an explosive end!

  • Inspector VIjay

    Inspector VIjay

    Desimartini | Updated - March 17, 2013 4:58 PM IST
    4.0DM (1500 ratings)

    Verdict - Not watching it is a crime

    Gangs of Wasseypur IIWatch trailerRelease date : August 08, 2012

    Yes, the sequel I have been awaiting ever since I walked out of GOW-1 is finally here.
    If youve seen the first one, you know it was explosive, intriguing, riveting & so much fun. How is the second?
    Brutal, quirky, funny & again, O so much fun. Thanks Anurag for giving us an Indian Godfather. A classic in my books. (1 & 2 together)

    Ill make this one short & sweet:
    1.Some brilliant additional characters, Perpendicular & Definite. Both of them stole the show.
    2.Some more terrific songs, kudos to Sneha Khanwalkar.
    3.A long film where the first half is decent while the second is magically gruesome.
    4.Some kickass writing on display in terms of dialogues & screenplay.
    5.A hoot off a comedy-action sequence, which alone is your moneys worth. (Youll know which one when you watch it).
    6.Knockout performances by literally every single cast member, including the supporting cast. Really dont remember when I saw such stupendous casting before.

    All in all, this ones a fitting end to one of the best films I have seen come out of this country. I dont know if I could do 5 hours straight, but Im sure the joy of watching it all at one go would be worth a try.
    Only thing I missed in this one was Manoj Bajpai.

    Its rare when I sit through such a long film & look at my watch only once, this ones a homerun. If theres a crime saga one must watch, its got to be Gangs of Wasseypur (1 & 2).

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