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Barbaric Poetry - a Masterpiece !!!

  • Inspector VIjay

    Inspector VIjay

    Desimartini | Updated - March 21, 2014 8:27 PM IST
    3.8DM (2071 ratings)

    Verdict - watch it NOW !!!!

    Gangs of WasseypurWatch trailerRelease date : June 22, 2012

    Being a self-proclaimed AK fanboy, I was hugely disappointed by the rather self-indulgent Yellow Boots. When I first saw the GOW promos, I knew this was going to be good. But how good could it be?
    Barbaric, crude, violent..but oh so deliciously poetic, films like these are the reason I love cinema so much.

    Taking us through from pre-independence to present day, GOW is set in Dhanbad, and in an almost Godfather space, follows a family feud over generations. It encapsulates the animosity between the Qureshis and the Pathans & their thirst for vengeance.
    The film starts in present day with an explosive action sequence and moves back in time to the coal mafia of the 40s. Shahid Khan(Jaideep Ahlawat) is a murdered by his boss & owner of the colliery, Ramadhir Singh(Tigmanshu Dhulia). His son, Sardar Khan(Manoj Bajpayi) vows to extract his revenge and the first part takes us through his journey doing so.

    The opening shot of the film starts with Kyunki Saans bhi kabhi bahu thi & a long & winding shot takes you to flying bullets & some delectable opening credits. Part 1 is 2.5 hours long but boy its a joyride.

    The fun here is that in an almost Tarantino space, Anurag infuses humour & dazzling style through the entire journey of violence.
    The music by Sneha Khanwalkar is bang on & is almost a character in the film. My favourite bit was the inclusion of Mithundas cult number, Kasam paida Karne waale ki.

    But what this film is all about is performances.
    Manoj Bajpayi Cold, evil & a Joy to watch.
    Tigmanshu Dhulia The real find. Leave direction, Act.
    Nawazuddin Siddiqui Beautifully underplayed, waiting for part 2.
    Richha Chaddha Stupendous. Fiery & Real.

    There are so many more performances to mention but its not possible to fit them here. This motley crew comes together with ultimate precision as Director Anurag Kashyap weaves his wand in an almost symphonic style. He orchestrates a massive cast in a gargantuan effort and I cant wait to watch what the second part holds in store. I cant really find too many flaws in this film other than the fact that I have to wait for a while to watch its conclusion.

    For me, Gangs of Wassyepur is one of the best gangster films ever to hit Bollywood. Having chanced to see this film a few weeks back, it has been so difficult to hold back this review. Generally films of this nature dont devilishly make you smile as GOW does. Days after watching it, the film will stay in your head. I truly wish I could go watch the concluding part as I write this. Take a bow Mr.Kashyap.

    It is haunting, enchanting, engaging and the best part, entertaining ..Please go watch this noir adventure as AK sets the reels on fire!!!

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