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Ghayal Once Again: Movie Review

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    Desimartini | Updated - February 05, 2016 1:16 PM IST
    3.6DM (2882 ratings)

    Verdict - “Ghayal Once Again” features some surprisingly effective action scenes, but little else.

    Ghayal Once AgainWatch trailerRelease date : February 05, 2016

    I was surprised by what turned out to be the biggest strength in Ghayal Once Again. Written and directed by Sunny Deol himself, the film features one particularly long and quite effective action-chase sequence, the kind you don't see often in Bollywood films.

    It's not the Sunny Deol staple explosive dialoguebaazi which the film seems to try and import from its predecessor (Raj Kumar Santoshi's 1990 film Ghayal) that stands out. It's not even the pulpy bash-'em-up that forms the core of the setpiece. It's how Deol the director makes excellent use of intercutting between threads to steadily mount tension.

    This sequence comes when we're about 40 minutes into the film (the opening portion are very shaky) and stays on for about half an hour. And what up until this point seemed like an utterly incoherent mess suddenly picks up beautifully during this riveting sequence. Speaking of intercutting, Christopher Nolan uses it a lot too, and in this particular chase sequence, I half-expected Sunny Deol's character Ajay Mehra to storm into the proceedings like Batman did in The Dark Knight Rises.

    Ajay, too, is an outlaw, a vigilante from the earlier film who has been missing in action for over a decade and is haunted by the death of his loved ones. And in the climax, he is framed against the backdrop of the Arabian Sea (the film is set in Mumbai) while flying a chopper much like Batman's parting moment from Rises.

    The scene, although not shot with much visual flair or spatial coherence, is a fine balancing act between emotions and thrills - expert audience manipulation by piling on plot information and twists amidst the high-wire action just enough to keep us hooked. Who knew that directorially, Sunny Deol had this in him?

    But the rest of the bits are all laughably silly. At one point when Ajay and his team are kidnapping a corrupt industry big shot by wrapping him up in a giant plastic bag, they mislead his sense of direction by playing traffic sounds on speakers all while a man carries him on his shoulder to their hideout; you know, so the guy ends up thinking that he's been transported in a vehicle. Elsewhere, the character of the villain's mother hams it up gloriously and undermines every bit of emotional charge the scene is supposed to carry. And when Ajay gets flashes of painful memories, the VFX work makes it look like there's smoke coming out of his head.

    The chase sequence aside, Ghayal Once Again is every bit a very mediocre movie - it's hard to keep a straight face at the inanity that is the dramatic scenes of the film. But still, I must say I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed those 30 odd minutes of this 2 hour long film, however small that fraction might seem.

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