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  • Not ecstatic, just happy

    Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - August 19, 2016 13:08 PM IST
    3.3DM (1083 ratings)

    Verdict - Not outstanding in any way this is just a pleasant but mediocre watch

    Happy Bhag JayegiWatch trailerRelease date : August 19, 2016

    Happy Bhaag jayegi is a simple and simplistic comedy which hasn't required too much effort to write and will not take much effort from you to see either. It isn't always very funny and some of the situations look a bit contrived but it doesn't give you any needless tension and makes for a pleasant enough watch. the characters are gentle and kind as if from a bygone era and there is a touch of innocence about the whole thing that is endearing.

    Happy doesn't want to marry Bagga the local
    corporator because she is in love with Giddy. They make a plan to elope but she lands up in Lahore by mistake in the house of a reluctant politician Bilaal. He tries to reunite the lovers and falls in love with Happy in the bargain. What happens next is the rest of the movie with all the characters landing up in Lahore and lots of situations thrown in to get some action and laughs.

    The Pakistani ambience is well created with some lovely language and stylish clothes. Bilaal's sophistication makes a good contrast to the Punjabi in your face behaviour of the rest. The dialogues in chaste Urdu are lovely to hear and also lend themselves to some jokes. Actually, this is the part that works well for the movie. The rest is quite 'ainvi' as Guddu says in one of the scenes.

    The drama doesn't really gather much steam and the latter part becomes quite a muddle of various people chasing each other that gets a but painful. But luckily no songs break the pace which is good. The slight suspense created in the romance is too short lived to make any impact but I guess they had to do something to keep the story running.

    Abhay Drop as Bilaal looks really sharp and though his acting can get a bit forced he still carries the movie stylishly. Diana Penty as Happy is ok. She lacks the heft and screen presence required of a leading lady but does ok given that she doesn't have that many scenes. Poor Jimmy Sherrill once again plays the jilted lover and though he does it well I would like him for once to win the girl.

    This is not a great movie. It sags a bit in the middle but if you are in the mood for some old fashioned entertainment which makes you believe the world is full of good peoplethen this will work for you.

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