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  • Crappy Ending, Angry Audience!

    Divay Agarwal

    Desimartini | Updated - November 21, 2014 11:44 AM IST
    3.3DM (1124 ratings)

    Verdict - Happy Ending is a terrible mash-up of many hit rom-coms. Govinda & the soundtrack are the only high points. Skip It!

    Happy EndingWatch trailerRelease date : November 21, 2014

    After the very off-beat movies like Go Goa Gone and Shor In The City, Raj and Dk (directors) tried their hands on a commercial rom-com starring the comeback hero Saif Ali Khan. But neither the experiment worked, nor the comeback. Even Govinda's charismatic performance and the wonderful soundtrack were not able to sail the ship through.

    The story begins by introducing Yudi (Saif Ali Khan) as the biggest 'kameena' in town who never wants to commit to almost anything in life. The L.A. based author hasn't penned down anything in years and now is out of royalty money. To earn a living and get back to his flamboyant lifestyle, he had to write a 'Romedy' for the superstar Armaan (Govinda). For this he meets Aanchal (Ileana), a budding writer who writes romantic novels and falls in love with her. Will she reciprocate the same feelings? Will Yudi be able to complete the script for the superstar? If you can't predict the answers, you could go watch the rest of the story.

    The storyline is scattered. It is as if we are watching a really bad mash-up of all the hit romantic comedies. The movie lacks layering and the audience doesn't seem to make any sort of connect at any point in the movie. Towards the end, there is an overdose of romantic 'sentipanna' without adequate build-up. I feel that Raj and DK ran out of better alternatives for the narrative as we first see Yudi narrating and then his irritating counterpart Yogi.

    The pace of the movie is super slow. Although Ranvir & Kalki made up for a few funny moments but it wasn't enough to light up the screen. Govinda's talent tried hard to kill the dullness but to no avail. Talking about the cinematography, we see glimpses of brilliance. The outdoor shots were beautifully captured.

    The only that stands out the movie's abum. The music duo of Sachi & Jigar impresses all as 'Paaji tussi such a pussy cat' is really addictive & 'G Phaad Ke' is the perfect dance number. 'Jaisa Mera Tu' & 'Mileya Mileya' are very soothing especially when it comes from the harmonious voice of Rekha Bhardwaj.

    Talking about the performance, Saif is just average and doesn't move out of his comfort zone. Saif, only movies like Omkara could save you career. Ileana also doesn't surprise us at all with her very regular performance. Govinda on the other hand, delivers his scenes effortlessly and he once again proves that his comic timing is supreme. I wish he had more screen space. Ranvir Shorey was funny as Montu, Yudi best friend and a tortured husband. Kalki as Vishakha was decent enough but not at par with the immense talent she has. Also, Preity Zinta found a bit of screen time. But there's something's wrong with her lips.

    In all, there is nothing to watch out for apart from super talented Govinda and the wonderful soundtrack. Skip It.

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