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    Verdict - A tight story with good performances makes it worth a watch

    Hate StoryWatch trailerRelease date : April 20, 2012

    Hate story is a story of revenge by a woman scorned. Where it scores is that the woman is shown to be intelligent and shrewd and not above using her body to get what she wants. There is none of the weepy helpless damsel in distress here. The film is kept pretty tight and fast paced and at two hours is just the right length to keep you engrossed.

    Paoli Dam plays Kavya Krishna, a spunky journalist who exposes a scam done by a cement company. Incensed by this, the MD of the company, the ruthless but scared witless of his dad young MD of the company hires her, gets her pregnant and fires her. She then decides to get even with him and sleeps her way to sensitive information, which she barters and trades to get the guy to lose.

    Paoli Dam who had done scenes with full frontal nudity in a Bengali movie called Chatrak is very confident about herself and her body. She looks good but her acting skills dont match up completely. Once she turns into a high class prostitute she teeters around on high heels and has a half sleepy, half drunken look on her face which does not gel well with the super smart person she is supposed to be, though she continues to do smart things. It was good to watch a woman on screen who can do sex scenes with so much confidence. I only hope she does not get typecast into an item number person and gets meatier roles in the future.

    Gulshan Devaiya as Sidharth Dhanrajgir, the young MD manages the duality of his role as the tough guy on the outside but scared of his dad to the point of stammering, quite well. He finally emerges as a loser, desperate to please his dad and willing to do anything to achieve that respect from his dad that he craves.

    I think Hate Story is worth a watch. If the summer heat has not got you yet, Paoli Dam will.

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