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  • Helicopter Single Mom.

    Dev Raj Gulati (2,661 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - October 14, 2018 17:31 PM IST
    2.7DM (14182 ratings)

    Verdict - An unconventional family drama.

    Helicopter EelaWatch trailerRelease date : October 12, 2018

    We are living in times where there's a ' generation gap' between parents and their grown up children. This continues from the day when the children have done their school,entered college,got a job,got married,are living with or without their parents,till the parents are no more.Some parents regard their off springs as their ' property', ' spy' on them ,impose their own terms and conditions on them and leave no space for privacy for them.Such ' obsessive ' behaviour is called ' helicopter parenting '.Since here it"s a single mother Eela Raitunkar( Kajol),hence the title.

    Eela,a school pass out,was an aspiring singer during the 90s .She had to under go many vocal auditions ,one of her favourites being Ruk Ruk Ruk( composed by Annu Malik,okayed by Alisha Chinai and signed by Mahesh Bhatt).She had a boy friend Arun( Tota Roy Choudhary).After a bit of flirtations they undergo the simplest of marriages( through court).They are blessed with a son Vivan( Riddhi Seen).So far so good.
    Life takes a turn there after. Drawing the family chart ,it's revealed that many of Arun's blood relations had passed away in their thirties.Arun also is in his thirties.He gets paranoid on himself also dieing soon.He quitely leaves the house hold.
    The entire burden of upbring her son falls on Eela.She performs her role as any mother would.Her obsession takes a serious turn when the son has joined a college.
    Instead of pursuing her singing Interest,she herself joins her son's college as a stydent,.Thanks to the benevolence of the principal( Zakir Hussain).
    It becomes embarrassing for her son to face his mother and awkward for students to call Eela as an ' aunty'.
    Eela's singing talents are spotted by the college's hot headed music teacher Padma( Neha Dhupia).She wants Eela to lead the college's music team in an Intercollege contest.So what's the hicup? Eela is over aged for participating in the under 23 contest.All dreams of the college are shattered.
    It's in the climax that on son's beckoning the mother sings and the audience rocks.A happy ending .
    The characterisations and performances?
    Eela is aptly cast as the suffering single mother in her home production.The situations she handles are every day occurrences in any family.She's charming,is loving and caring .But she ' shadows' her son throughout,which the later dislikes.Here the conflict between the mom and the son arises. stage comes where the son disowns her mom.
    Kajol has played her challenging and an off beat role to perfection.Who says there are no roles for the women post marriage.
    Riddhi Sen as the ' rebel son' looking for his own privacy gives primacy to self over the mom.This is what the younger generation behaves.He also shones.
    Neha Dhupia has matured as a competent character performer.
    Amitabh Bachchan,Ila Arun and Shaan play themselves.
    The screenplay? Could it be different? It's the prerogative of the director ( Pradeep Sarkar) and the writers( Anand Gandhi and Mitesh Shah) to present the play in the way they want it.Nothing wrrong in this.
    I would have preferred Eela going for distance education and carried on with her pursuits.The son- mom conflict would have been narrowed.In the climax the son's college and the distance education board( with Eela being their participant) could have contested the finale of the musical competition.
    Just a thought? In Nil Battey Sanata it was the uneducated single mother and her daughter in the same school.The daughter went up to become an IAS officer,courtsey mother's sacrifice.Here it's the mother who outshines the son.It's not known why husbands don't realise their responsibilities? What was the main source of earning of Eela to support her housing society house,her son's education,etc? Eela offered the first day college joining sweets to all co-passangers in the taxi,but not the driver?I thought music to be a let down.The college students are real.
    All in all HE is a different kind of a film.Must be watched by parents.

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