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  • Titillation for Dummies

    Manu Agrawal (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - August 27, 2010 13:31 PM IST
    2.0DM (50 ratings)
    Hello DarlingWatch trailerRelease date : August 27, 2010

    Welcome back friends, to C-grade Bollywood Cinema. Mukta Arts (Subhash Ghai !!!) brings together 3 out-of-work actresses and Mr. Boogie Woogie to create something which can easily become the worst of 2010.

    If there is a reason why Bollywood doesnt get its due credit internationally despite being host to the largest film fraternity worldwide, movies like these are the reason. There was no apparent reason to put money in such trash - perhaps it was the desperation of some people who had nothing better to do. One wonders why do they keep hanging on to films - all of them are such talented people, they can easily find more productive avenues.

    Hello Darling claims to portray sexual harassment at the workplace. And it does so too, albeit by titillating the audience. Harddick Vasu (need I point out the obvious here) is a lecherous boss(Jaaved Jaafrey), who wants to bed each pretty young thing that enters his office, be it research Head Mansi (Gul Panag), secretary Candy (Celina Jaitly) or new trainee Satwati (Isha Koppikar with a fake Haryanvi accent - it can easily count as an insult to the entire community). However, when the going gets pretty tough for these ladies, they decide to get back at their boss.

    This flick rests on double-entendre dialogues, deliberate skin-shows and sleazy situations. The sad thing here is why some people who can genuinely act, be it Gul Panag (the memory of her fantastic portrayal of gutsy Zeenat in 'Dor' is tarnished forever) or Jaaved Jaafri (I still love his voiceover for Takeshi's Castle) chose to be a part of such stupid cinema.

    No Sir, female empowerment does not happen by wearing short skirts and trying to seduce the wrongdoer. Indian women are capable of much more, and objectifying them is a real disgrace. Sexual harassment is a really serious subject, and commands much more sensitive portrayal.

    Must NOT Watch.

    And yes, Sunny Deol is there in a cameo. Bwahaha. Big surprise.

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    Gaurav Gadre

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    Harjeet S Rakhra

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    Rated 1.0August 28, 2010

    Do not say HELLO to these DARLINGs!

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