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Hero: Movie Review

  • Merkwürdige Liebe

    Merkwürdige Liebe

    Desimartini | Updated - September 14, 2015 4:53 PM IST
    3.3DM (6198 ratings)

    Verdict - Worthless piece of trash with zero redeeming value. An abomination.

    HeroWatch trailerRelease date : September 11, 2015

    At one point in Nikhil Advani's Hero, Pasha (played by Aditya Pancholi, the hero Suraj Pancholi's real-life father) utters this absolutely nonsensical line: "Uski barbaadi ki shuruaat uski maut se hogi." The extremely philosophical connotation of that line aside (the underscoring of death not as an end but the beginning of something, how profound!) that line, somewhat miraculously, is hardly the most stupid thing in the movie.
    Elsewhere, in the scene where Pancholi Sr's character is introduced, the framing neatly establishes him and Sooraj Pancholi (whose character is pompously named Sooraj) as a father-son duo, what with them addressing each other as "Baba" and "Beta" respectively, and then the dad drops a bomb: he says, "Main tumhari maa ko behen maanta tha." We discover about two hours later that daddy isn't actually the real daddy but only a father-figure to Sooraj.
    The screenplay by Umesh Bist , who made that other worthless piece of trash movie titled O Teri (which too had Salman bhai's blessing,) is so mindbogglingly awful that the film more than succeeds at making you cringe about thrice every minute. Director Nikhil Advani clearly knows a thing or two about melodrama, as seen in Kal Ho Naa Ho and parts of D-Day, but his generic staging here does absolutely nothing to infuse some life into the proceedings. Sample this: in a relentlessly cliched scene where the protagonist's friend gets shot at, the camera frames the hero holding him in his arms, looking upwards and letting out a cry; the camera, in a relentlessly cliched way, dollies upwards away from the pair. Even otherwise, a big chunk of the movie is just racking focus from one character towards another in a different plane, wretchedly trying to generate dramatic weight where there's none.
    And as if all this nonsense wasn't unbearable enough already, the film keeps throwing one listless song after another at you about every ten minutes: songs with basically stupid people doing stupid things (sample: the kidnapper and the captive enjoying a snowball-fight.) Hero also features three villains (ranging from boring to annoying to hilarious) and in the climax, one of them (who the film keeps referring to as the prince of Rajasthan) rips apart his own shirt while letting out a huge scream in slow-motion. It's that kind of a movie. After this year's Bajrangi Bhaijaan, which turned out to be surprisingly good, in Hero we have one truly awful film Salman Khan has been associated with, so one can at least say that the order of the universe has been reset.

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