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Forced Predictable Cliched

  • Ameet Bhuvan

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    Desimartini | Updated - March 01, 2014 10:45 AM IST
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    Verdict - Nothing new to engage

    HeroineWatch trailerRelease date : September 21, 2012


    In a sequence from the film, a bystander comments on how Mahi the actress should be content with being a decoration in a film grossing 100 crores, instead of looking for something meaningful. Echoing Kareena Kapoor's body of work since the last few years (bit roles in mega buck films like Bodyguard, Ra.one) and her attempt at a national award with Heroine, this is perhaps the closest that Madhur Bhandarkar's latest gets to anything real. For the rest of it, Heroine is labored long and forced.


    Mahi Arora, played by Kareena, is a heroine on the decline. Film offers are getting scarcer, affairs with married superstars ending in disappointments and her mental insecurities spiraling out of control. The film charts her course to oblivion while exposing the underbelly of Bollywood. Or so it hopes to on paper at least.


    Keeping with the world of a Bhandarkar film, Heroine is brazen sensational and populated by stereotypes- a gay designer a bitchy fare weather friend, a no nonsense PR, sundry party people who only go to parties so they can make snide comments on even the floor and the walls and so on. That the director is extremely smug in his own world is evident from the fact that many of the actors playing these roles remain the same from Page 3 to Fashion to Corporate to Heroine. While the earlier of Bhandarkar's films had the novelty of the fly on the wall storytelling, Heroine suffers from the repetition and predictability that brings with it. Not only does his technique reek of a de ja vu, his research too is insufficient, not moving beyond the gossip pages of a film magazine.


    Heroine suffers from a heavy sense of staleness. The story is predictable, the dialogues corny and cringe worthy. The stereotypes grating, every woman is sluty, smokes and drinks non stop while the men are either gay or too much of cowards to admit they are gay. The twists and turns don't shock you anymore and with a really long second half, Heroine becomes gets really tiring to sit through.


    The saving grace here, to some extent, is Kareena. She has a role to speak of in her films after a really long time. She digs into her part with sincerity. After ten years in the industry, she knows how the machine works and that shows in her performance. She is let down however by a very unflattering characterization- an insecure leading lady with bipolar disorder because she is from a broken family and had a troubled childhood, nothing can get more clichxe9d than that- and some lousy direction.


    As Mahi, Kareena tries real hard to impress, she is hysterical she spells evil through her gaze, yet she is most effective towards the end when all she does is stare silently as her world shatters into pieces around her. It is a pity indeed that more than her herculean effort, it is the supporting performances of Shahana Goswami and Divya Dutta that leave a much stronger impression.


    Dangerously treading the thin line between sensational and bold, Heroine disappoints due to its complete lack of novelty, depth, subtlety and finesse. The only one having the last laugh right now must be a certain Ms. Bachchan at having not missed much by opting out of this one .


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