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  • Dharti Ka Dhruv Tara .

    Dev Raj Gulati

    Desimartini | Updated - March 23, 2018 22:42 PM IST
    3.1DM (39491 ratings)

    Verdict - Inspiring with a socio- economic relevance.

    HichkiWatch trailerRelease date : March 23, 2018

    With the introduction of the Right to Education Act,the endeavour is to impart education to children of economically weaker sections of society.A certain percentage of seats are being reserved for this category in every school,whether public or private.
    So far so good.But what's the reality on the ground? Do
    our mind set allow for an equitable treatment to them or the apartheid continues?
    The film under review is a reality check on the implementation of the RTE Act.
    Add to this the employment opportunities for the teachers with major disabilities.
    Here we have a minority missionary school for the elites .Lest the lease be withdrawn ,the school has agreed to provide education to the EWS category children.Section 9 F has been excusuvely created for them .Just 14 students belong to this class.Several teachers have had to leave their jobs because they found themselves as unequipped to handle the class.
    One Nalini Mathur( Rani Mukherjee Chopra) has been hired on trial cum necessity basis to educate this class.Academically she's an MSc BEd but she's inflicted with a physical debility of what's termed as Tourette Syndrome - a nervous system disorder involving unwanted sounds.
    Does she succeed in her mission? Does she overcome her disability? Does she outshine others ,more so a snobbish senior male teacher Mr Wadia( Neeraj Kabi) whose in-charge of section 9 A ,the most ' intelligent ' lot ? What obstacles and challenges she faces?
    The theme is relevant.Production values are high.Performances wise Rani and her students are too class.Casting is apt.A lot of ground work seems to have been done in training the child artistes and the innovative way science is being sought to be taught.The dramatic scenes are well enacted.Scripting is simple and realistic.
    Shiv Kumar Subramaniam ( prrincipal),the Pilgaonkars - Sachin and Supriya ( the hapless parents of Rani) and Asif Basra( peon) have all so shone in minor roles.
    Director Sidharth P Malhotra has presented the subject in a sensitive and intelligent manner.
    All the child artistes have a bright future.
    The age group of class 9th is well chosen.They are nearer to adolescence and impressionable minds.
    The mind set of the elite and the richer class continues to be what's undesirable.
    Lessons learnt- treat unequals as equal,never mock at others disabilties,never curse your present pitiable status,aspire to travel the difficult part and above all be self confident to be role models .
    Hichki is a welcome addition to films like Hindi medium ,could be granted tax exemption and be seen by teachers,students,parents and education planners.Hoping that Hichki would pick up with the words of mouth.

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