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    Ameet Bhuvan (2,108 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - February 21, 2014 01:25 AM IST
    3.5DM (3075 ratings)

    Verdict - Meditative and scenic, this one is a winner all the way

    HighwayWatch trailerRelease date : February 21, 2014

    Half way through Highway it struck me like a bolt of thunder that this film might not make money at the box office, it might just end being the first major film to flop at the ticket counters this year. Yet there was a smile on my face and warmth in my heart, for its box office performance notwithstanding Highway is a film that is brave. Imthiaz Ali's latest offering is meditative and sublime, a tad slacking, yet thoroughly satisfying experience.

    Alia is a rich dad's daughter who is abducted by a set of contract killers' days before her wedding. Initially resistant and repentant at venturing out in the dead of the night and getting kidnapped, Alia soon sets into an episode of the Stockholm syndrome, developing a liking for her abductor Mahabir (played by Randeep). As the two travers across the northern scenic parts of India in a truck, Alia's Veera and Randeep's Mahabeer strike a bond that goes beyond their equation of tormentor and victim. Veera , a prisoner in her cushioned pampered rich life back home finds freedom in the kidnapped rough and tumble that she is pushed into. Mahabir finds a means to rekindle hope for love in his life through Veera. How their journey of selfdiscovery ends is the rest of the story.

    There is a deliberate attempt to beat the untrodden track in Highway. Right from the first wedding montages to the long stretches of absolute silence that let the characters take the story forward without making you second guess the next emotion on cue, Imthiaz serves up a narrative that is unBollywood and more in the "arty" alleys of cinema. A.R.Rehman's music, improv scenes , inventive camera angles (Anil Mehta take a bow) everything about Highway is unconventional. There is no song and dance, no magical love at first sight, not even skin show or a kiss. The lead characters, Veera and Mahabir are the centre of this story fair and square.

    Randeep Hooda puts up a commendable performance as the toughened by circumstances Mahabir. The film though entirely belongs to the amazing revelation that Alia Bhatt is. Alia's veera is innocence, stubborn childishness and steely resolve rolled into one. Just one film old Alia carries the entire film on her shoulders, guided by Imthiaz , delivering a fantastic natural performance that is endearing and moving. While few of her sudden shifts in emotions are jarring (thanks to a tad odd editing may be) for the most part, she is immaculate. Alia is a powerhouse of talent. As the camera makes love to her face capturing minutest of expressions, Veera comes to life and captivates you. My favourite is her climatic breakdown. Simply astounding.

    Many around me in the theatres were bored as Highway reached its end. There were dissenting murmurs, people missing songs, wondering if there is a dance. This very fact is the greatest strength of Highway. After Dedh Ishqiya, here is a director who has made a film not worrying about its box office fate. This is the closest we have gotten to finding a drastically new idiom in the language of commercial Hindi cinema, and Highway deserves all the applause for it. Watch it for Imthiaz'z labor and Alia's stupendous turn.

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