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House of Retards and Fools

  • Ankur Pathak

    Ankur Pathak (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - September 07, 2013 10:48 PM IST
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    Verdict - Some Laugh-out-Loud Moments, sure. But nothing close to a ship sinking in 3D.

    Housefull 2Watch trailerRelease date : April 06, 2012

    There's no stopping Sajid Khan. Or his startling cinematic expeditions which - as he would like to believe - is imaginatively churned out. It won't be surprising if one day, exhausted of his embarrassingly ludicrous ideas, Khan would just decide to re-release his sadistic soups' in 3D and still mint money out of it.

    Housefull 2 is the second film of what is perilously going to be a full-fledged franchise. Even as i sit to write this, Khan and his partner in cinema-demolition-drive Sajid Nadiadwala, must be sitting in his expansive production and devising sly ways of coming with a third film.

    That said, Houseful 2 - another instance of Bollywood's notorious genre of slapstick comedy is a painful exercise which might make your brain feel like a redundant part of the body while your joints may ache as they would end up absorbing the unfolding crisis.

    That said, this sequel is better than the first one - which has an enviable spot in the "Best of Worst of Every List Conceivable." The basic theme of mistaken identity (deliberately planted, of course) remains the same, but this one scores in structuring the characters, quite thoughtfully. With as many as a dozen actors, Sajid shows some surprising expertise in establishing and placing each character, without anyone overshadowing the other.

    It would be a ridiculous idea to describe the plot so i would just talk about the fashion in which the situational comedy has been incorporated and the dialogues.

    Both of them are not exactly repulsive.

    Which is enough of a compliment keeping in perspective what the Grandsons' did with the previous film, typecasting homosexuals and blacks' alike.

    So the one who doesn't bother watching reels of film being unfolded, much of it containing over-exaggerated buffoonery of the outlandishly dumb variety, will come out believing that he's seen The Godfather of slapstick.

    The film does have a number of Laugh out Loud moments but it is the performances - especially by the ladies - which would inspire you to rather watch a 100-year old ship getting wrecked in glorious 3D.

    Although the men sort of sail through the haphazard journey, the women are pseudo-environmentalists or jobless models trying to hitch a richie-rich on the pretext of love. The ones that pass on as rich are again, pseudo-casanovas' (Akshay Kumar) from college and con-men (John Abraham) while the real heirs' to massive English property look like waiters' and peons of fancy corporate houses and hotels, respectively.

    Together they create commotion and end up in a sprawling bungalow where an ageing gangster cannot differentiate the driver from the vehicle-owner.

    They later get shot, or try chasing away the bullets by hiding under furniture. Prince Charles makes an appearance (but doesn't speak Marathi) Also, the film doesn't end with either laughing gas getting leaked OR worse, with the cast celebrating their producers' birthday.

    Housefull 2 isn't anything like a great movie. But what makes it a movie at least, is that it is drastically better than the previous one.

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