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  • Scratching the surface

    Rony D'costa

    Desimartini | Updated - January 18, 2013 13:55 PM IST
    2.8DM (305 ratings)

    Verdict - Beyond the anger, rage and hurt lies love. Inkaar is about human being’s refusal to see it.

    InkaarWatch trailerRelease date : January 18, 2013

    When things go wrong between two people they take some radical decisions. Maya ( Chitrangadha Singh)takes one such decision. Her decision is that she accuses Rahul ( Arjun Rampal) of sexual harassment.

    A social worker ( Dipti Naval) is brought in to listen to both sides of the story along with different point of views of people working in the office. But the truth always lies hidden between those two people and when over 3 days they scratch beyond the surface the real truth emerges.

    Sudhir Mishra handles the sensitive subject of sexual harassment without taking sides and succeeds in exploring the emotion of love hidden behind the iron curtains of anger, power and words that fail to reach out and say what is intended.

    The screenplay follows a repetitive structure of going back and forth into the past and the present which at times bogs down your mind. The constant repetition of party scenes, drinking session, office meetings bores you after a point.

    I never thought Arjun Rampal could hold a solo film so intense but he surprised me with his performance. Chitragandha Singh walks shoulder to shoulder with him but her performance doesn't convey the different emotions the character is going through .

    Word of mouth - Beyond the anger, rage and hurt lies love. Inkaar is about human being's refusal to see it.

    Rating - *** ( Above Average)

    Ticket Meter - worth 150 bucks

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    Inkaar is very nice movie...

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    Inkaar is very nice movie....