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Guns Gaalis and Attitude

  • Ameet Bhuvan

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    Desimartini | Updated - April 13, 2013 3:20 AM IST
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    Verdict - Entertaining fresh and sutiably candy floss

    IshaqzaadeWatch trailerRelease date : May 11, 2012

    Ishaqzaade is not the typical YRF candyfloss romance, yet it is a very YRF kind of treatment, a contradiction that sometimes weighs heavy on the film and the audience as well.

    Zoya (Parineeti) and Parama (Arjun) are teens in college and belong to rival political families in small town Almore. So while both belong to different religions and families, both are united in their dare devil attitude, stubbornness and innate innocence. Guns gaalis and attitude is their daily companion as they go around ruling the small world they inhabit. All hell breaks loose when both fall in love and decide to get together despite their families.

    Yash Raj film studios by now seem to have perfected the small town set up to a fault. So Almore is gritty narrow and heavily populated like the streets of Omkara yet bursts out in color coordinated grandness suitably to make for some stunning visuals. Habib Faisal, who created a very believable middle class world in Do Dooni Chaar, takes us into bad bad Hindi Hinterland in Yash Chopra style, retaining his real sensibility and touch while making the film suitably utopian and candy floss.

    The camera captures the narrow by lanes of small town UP perfectly as a metaphor for the narrowness of thought in both Zoya and Parmas families. The scenes get colorful as love blossoms between the rebellious teens in Chand Bibis brothel, and again narrow down as options dry out for the lovers, who are now up against their families.

    Dialogues are crisp and sharp, my favorite being the conversation between Gauhar Khan and Arjun when the latter gets Parineeti to her brothel. Though Ishaqzaade lacks the brilliance of Do Dooni Chaar in terms of settings and storytelling, it manages to retain interest in the first half. The film sags a bit and meanders into a climax, with the pace picking up intermittently in the chase sequences. What keeps one glued to the seats though is the lead pair who put up a brilliant job.

    Arjun Kapoor is impressive as a brash Parma, mixing vulnerability with pompous arrogance in the right amounts. His looks and performance uncannily remind one of Abhishek Bacchan in his early days of Yuva and hopefully this new star wouldnt fizzle away with time.

    Parineeti Chopra, however is the real winner in the film, living up to the promise she showed in Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl. She is intuitive, impulsive and raw and has some rollicking fun in a role that gives her immense scope to showcase her talent. Not just a pretty face that can dance, Parineeti delivers even in tough emotional portions- watch out the part where she innocently goes back to her parents on Eid only to realize she is not welcome. Her eyes are intense, childlike yet determined, and her smile disarming.

    The script demands a lot from the fresh pair and both deliver spot on. The other strong hero of the film is the music, Amit Trivedi is fast becoming a force to reckon with, Pareshan is my favorite of the lot both for the rock ballad as well Parineetis expressions. Gauhar Khan too is impressive in a cameo, one wonders why we do not see much of her in films, she is hot, lithe and can act.

    The flaw with the movie however is the tendency to slip into YRF mode every now and then and the climax, which while nodding to greats like QSQT and Ek Duje ke Liye, lacks the necessary drama and intensity. For feisty characters like Zoya and Prama, the end rather seemed to be a cop out in a drawn out climax. Also, the message against honor killings seemed pretty out of place and forced as the film takes a lovers against the world route to the end.

    Despite this, Ishaqzaade is fun. The freshness of the lead pair, the fresh music and some crisp editing make for a decently entertaining two and half hours. Defintiely one of the better films this year till now.

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