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  • Rony D'costa

    Rony D'costa

    Desimartini | Updated - January 14, 2014 11:01 AM IST
    3.8DM (3251 ratings)

    Verdict - Ishaqzaade is predictable yet engaging to an extent. Parineeti Chopra makes up for all the flaws to assure a good one time watch.

    IshaqzaadeWatch trailerRelease date : May 11, 2012

    There are some films that you know will be bad by just looking at their trailer and there are some films you want to be good. Ishaqzaade was one film where you were getting that feeling that its going be a good watch. Arjun Kapoor had created a good impression in the promos. Parineeti Chopras (the best Lady in Ladies Vs Ricky Balhl) solo lead film was much awaited.. For a love story if you have warmed up to the two leads even before you step into the theatre half the job is done.

    Whats it about? - A reimagining of Romeo and Juliet the two Ishaqzaades here are Parma (Arjun Kapoor) and Zoya (Parineeti Chopra). Parma grandfather and Zoyas father head political parties that are staunch opposition of each other. To top that Parma is hindu and Zoya is muslim and they cant stand the sight of each other. But naturally love happens between the two and hell breaks loose.

    My Take - The films is quite predictable and filled with clichs like the hindu muslim angle or a nautch girl Chand Baby (Gauhar Khan) who is like chandramukhi to this not so Devdas Arjun and a sacrificing mother who brings about a change of heart in Arjun. The interval point is guessable the moment their love story begins and takes away half the fun out of further viewing. Still in the first half Habib Faisal engages and entertains with the help of the magnetic performance by Parineeti and a raw trying hard to impress performance by Arjun Kapoor. It is in the 2nd half that the film starts losing steam and offers nothing new, in fact it messes up the expectation that the 1st half had raised. Both the characters of Parma and Zoya looked more like Mickey and Mallory to me than Romeo and Juliet. Parineeti performs best with her eyes and when she is silent. In my head I was expecting them to do a NBK style massacre of their own family members. Now, that would have been an interesting climax to watch rather than this lazily executed one. None of the supporting actors leave any impact. This one has the Habib Faisal of Ta ra rum pum and Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl and not the one of Do Dooni Char and Band Baaja Baarat.

    Word of mouth Ishaqzaade is predictable yet engaging to an extent. Parineeti Chopra makes up for all the flaws to assure a good one time watch.

    Rating - *** (Above average)

    Ticket meter Worth 150 bucks

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