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  • Inspector VIjay

    Inspector VIjay

    Desimartini | Updated - February 10, 2014 2:59 PM IST
    3.8DM (3259 ratings)

    Verdict - watch it just for Parineeti

    IshaqzaadeWatch trailerRelease date : May 11, 2012

    Habib Faisals first outing Do Dooni Chaar was an absolute treat with some great writing on display. This time around he goes completely rustic with a odd love story set against a political feud. With a superb theatrical trailer, does this film hit the bullseye?
    A modern day Qayamat se Qayamat Tak, this one starts with a bang & fizzles towards the end, only to be held by Parineetis fiery performance.

    In a fictional town called Almore, battle lines are drawn between 2 political families, the Qureshis & the Chauhans. While the Chauhans have a gun-toting, law disrespecting anti-hero Parma(Arjun Kapoor) looking at their matters, the Qureshi family has their firebrand daughter Zoya(Parineeti Chopra). They cross paths and sparks fly. They soon realize they are exactly like each other but that in itself is also a danger for them. Does their alliance prove to be dangerous for all around them & does Yashraj play the Hindu-Muslim angle down to the wire?
    Your guess is as good as mine.

    The first half of the film builds up beautifully and keeps you hooked. The confrontation scenes between Arjun & Parineeti are fabulous. Sadly, the second half doesnt quite move anywhere and towards the end of it, you know whats coming.

    The cinematography by Hemant Chaturvedi is stellar, capturing the rustic landscapes with panache. Another star of the film is Amit Trivedi, who serves up yet another winner with this film.

    But the real star & the backbone of the film is Parineeti Chopra. Expressive, exciting & moving, she sets the screen on fire. A true find this one, she delights from first frame to last. Newbie Arjun Kapoor is good for most of it though patchy at times. Gauhar Khan makes an impact in her small bit.

    Director Habib Faisals writing leaves a lot to be desired. He etches some great characters but doesnt give them enough to play with. A different second half could have completely changed the course of this journey.

    To sum it up, Ishaqzaade is an average fare. The expectations were high from this one & it definitely disappoints. Though its not that bad, this one could have been much much more.
    Watch it once just for Parineetis stunning portrayal of the badass yet vulnerable Zoya.

    P.S. Please reach on time so as to catch the exciting teaser of Ek tha Tiger.

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