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Paapa bhi- Naana bhi?

  • Dev Raj Gulati

    Dev Raj Gulati (2,661 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - January 31, 2020 9:00 PM IST
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    Verdict - For a non- judgemental urbane viewer.

    Jawaani JaanemanRelease date : January 31, 2020

    JJ is a presentation with two ' twists' in one go.What? Read below.
    There's a well settled PIO family from Punjab whose main business is of estate brokerage in London.One of the sons Dimpy( Kumud Mishra) is the busy guy,the other ,Jazz( Saif Ali Khan) is a jugadu,staying alone and a womaniser.For him marriage and family responsibilities at a ' no no'.He's a boozer,a one night stand walls with partners ' eyed' from night clubs.
    Each such indulgence is ' raat gaai,baat gayi'.
    In one such case,his eyes fall on a pretty gal,whose in her 20s.
    The gal willingly follows the Casanova.But why?
    She has a ' hunch' that this person could be his dad who has ditched her unwed mother.
    Her hunch turns out to be true.
    What more?
    That the daughter herself is impregnated by her boy friend.
    These ' twists' changes the persona and outlook of the paapa- naana.
    He becomes more caring,responsible and accepts his own fling with Ananya( Tabu,as the unwed mother of Tia,his daughter,played with confidence and sensitivity by the debutant Alaya Furniturewala) and his daughter's even at the cost of loosing a high brokerage from a settled deal.
    Moral of the story - one shouldn't be judgemental in relationships that are consented and that family provided love,care and legitimacy.
    It's difficult to say whether such a plot could have been acceptable in the Indian setting?
    By now Tanishk Bagchi has become the master composer of rehashed numbers.
    Just a single night club scene ( where the story takes a turn) would have sufficed.
    To me the title itself has to do nothing with the narrative.
    Go for JJ with an open mind,shedding all societal and finger pointing stigma's .