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  • I loved it! And I am lying :)

    Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - October 22, 2010 14:13 PM IST
    3.0DM (569 ratings)
    Jhootha Hi SahiWatch trailerRelease date : October 22, 2010

    This movie has been accused of being plagiarized from Friends. I would think its more of a takeoff on Notting Hill. It has the same bumbling kind of book shop owner, his bunch of close friends and is set in London (more on that later). So the story is different but the movie has the same feel and look. Maybe they should sue instead.

    I would definitely like to sue Abbas Tyrewala for the horrible hodge podge ending. After giving us a movie about normal people (At least, as normal as they can get in a movie) he goes and spoils it all in the end which is an absurd take on every movie which has planes about to take off or trains just leaving. What takes off here is totally wierd.

    The movie is set in London and to use the song in the movie- kay kay kayku why foreign mein movies shoot karte hai hum? The friends are Indian, the doctors are Indian (of course the NHS is actually full of Indian docs), the neighbors are Indian, the co -worker is Indian, even his book shop has Indian books. (And this bunch of people say grace at the dining table!) Why not place it in Bangalore, Delhi or good ol Mumbai? I guess our lives here are too pathetic for the film makers to use or they are all having a good time on a fat expense account.

    The story though not very original is still fresh. John (in this Hugh Grant-ish avatar) answers a call on a suicide helpline and then falls in love with the girl. Only he keeps two identities-as the friend on the helpline and the guy from the bookshop who woos her. The complications get further complicated by an ex boyfriend (Mahadevan, fat) who pops up. The friends are the saving grace with strong performances from the duo who play the Pakistani brother sister pair.

    The movie could have been much shorter. That would have saved us the agony of seeing Johns pained expressions that constitute his acting. And he is wearing lots of clothes so no consolation there. Stick to your core strengths, boy and we are happy. Pakhi, who plays the heroine (she is also the directors wife) has bright eyes, a bad haircut and probably a paunch that she hides under the loose dresses she favors. She also looks a bit old and jaded. But mostly she looks too bright for a person who is suicidal, a lot like Priyanka in Anjaana. Maybe they have bipolar disorder or something to get over lost loves and go out into the world well dressed, singing songs and finding new men really quickly.

    Music is middling. I liked the kay kay song (though hearing Mumbai Hindi on London Bridge is mind boggling) and the Radha Krishna song has a good beat. The others are forgettable or maybe will grow on hearing (I have to keep making concessions for Rehman)

    I think I have ranted enough for you to get the general drift on my feelings for this flick. Jhoota hi sahi is sahi mein a bit of a bore. See it if you are a true John fan (i.e. you care for his mind and not his body).

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    Jhootha Hi Sahi

    This movie has been accused of being plagiarized from Friends

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