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    Desimartini | Updated - January 21, 2015 3:58 PM IST
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    Verdict - Poor storylie and stulted action make this a boring watch in spite of Sunny Leone

    Jism 2Watch trailerRelease date : August 03, 2012

    There is a mystery about Jism 2 that needs to be solved. And its about Sunny Leones handbag. I want to know what it is that she is carrying around in that bag that she will not part ways with it, from carrying it while going for a walk to switching it from hand to hand while running away from getting killed. Finally, when she dies, she falls with her head on the bag. It proves once and for all that a womans handbag is her best friend above calls of love, duty, story or logic.

    Apart from this interesting side thing, there is nothing much to interest you in Jism2. The story is about some good cops chasing a bad cop. They enlist the help of Sunny who used to be the bad cops ex lover. The story inches forward excruciatingly slowly while she works out what is happening and leaves you yawning.

    The semi porn scenes worked quite well for me though. Sunny has a voluptuous body that she displays proudly in red teddies with garters, tiny shorts and fluorescent bikinis. She is at ease in the love scenes, arching her back effortlessly and pouting suggestively. Mr. Hooda and Mr. Arunoday Singh try to match up to her histrionic abilities and Mr. Hooda succeeds quite admirably primarily because he gets to shed more clothes than Arunoday. Besides, the latter has big ears which probably get in the way of orgasmic lovemaking. There were a lot of catcalls, whistles and embarrassed laughter floating around the theatre in these scenes proving that they were a hit with the primarily teenage college audience.

    The script lets the movie down. The good cop bad cop mystery had potential if had been kept tighter and meaner. Instead what you get is Randeep acting progressively demented, Arunoday acting progressively love crazed and Arif Zakaria getting progressively lost. Sunny looks confused and distressed all the time. She supplements this expression by heaving her chest as a sign of any emotion from sorrow, to anger to lust to love.

    The ishq bhi kiya re maula song is very good with a marvellous raw feel to it, though demented Randeep hacks away at the cello like he is sawing a tree in half.

    Overall, not worth a visit to the theatre. Am sure Sunny Leone has a lot of movies out there which show more of her at her professional best. And if at all you want to watch her in Jism 2 , get the dvd home, do a scene selection and get it over with. Avoid.

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