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Insomnia breakers

  • Smita Vyas Kumar

    Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - August 20, 2013 1:01 PM IST
    3.1DM (981 ratings)

    Verdict - Very long and and poorly scripted. This is a yawn fest

    Jodi BreakersWatch trailerRelease date : February 24, 2012

    Jodi Breakers is a long meandering exercise in confusion. The zany title fools you into thinking it will be a comedy with lots of clever situation involving couples who are trying to break up and are helped in this exercise by the team of professional break up artists. And of course, you assume there will be some cool romance involved also.

    Sadly, the movie disappoints on both counts turning into a huge long yawn fest.
    Maddy plays Sid, a divorced guy who breaks up other marriages for a living. He teams up with Sonali in this business and then he uses their services to break up a loving marriage so that his money hungry ex wife can seduce and hitch up with the rich industrialist. All this so that he gets his car (stupidly called Horny) back and stop paying alimony to the bitch ex wife. Well, Sid finds out the wife is pregnant and then tries to get the couple back together with the help of the grandmother and also salvage his love life with Sonali in the process. Thankfully, it all ends happily but then we knew that already.

    The characters are all supposedly cool and hang out at a bar owned by one of the gang but that is as superficial as the cleavage that Bipasha shows in her item number. The men and women who come looking for help in breaking up their marriages are all sad caricatures and then their cases are solved in a jiffy. A few compromising pictures here and there and voila the judgment is pronounced in court. If you saw Heartbreakers that was recently in the theatres you would have marveled at the clever situations and the efforts the team there takes to break up a couple.

    The romance between the lead pair is cold and vapid. There are no sparks as the couple progress from being buddies to soul mates. The story of the married couple who is torn apart for the bitch ex wife is also shallow. Apparently all it takes to break up a couple who were all over each other a scene before is a condom packet in a dustbin, a masseur in the room and bang! Baby we are through!

    Maddy is very natural in his acting. IT is almost like he is playing himself on a lazy Sunday afternoon. He is still charming but way, way too fat to be appealing to anyone except 5 year olds who like to cuddle up to their paunchy dads. Bipasha looks ravishing. Every muscle in her body is toned and taut. Unfortunately her facial muscles are as taut and do not move too much irrespective of her state of mind. Omi Vaidya as the cool bartender is mildly amusing. Helen does not have much to do but is a refreshing presence in the sea of stony faces. Milind Soman has an amazing hairstyle that reminds you of Elvis.

    Very long, very confused, very pointless and very, very boring. Avoid.

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