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Sour Sad Joke

  • Ameet Bhuvan

    Ameet Bhuvan (2,108 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - April 06, 2014 1:28 AM IST
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    Verdict - Out of steam form the word go, joker disappoints

    Joker(2012)Watch trailerRelease date : August 31, 2012

    The best part about Sirish Kunder's Akshay Sonakshi starrer Joker is that it runs for an hour and forty five minutes only. Mercifully, one has to bear this film for not a minute longer and for this one feat alone, the director deserves an pat on his back. Rest of the film however, is as insipid and tasteless as the directors Twitter diarrhea.

    Akshay plays Agastya a scientiest trying to communicate with aliens. A death in the family brings him and his wife Sonakshi to this village Pagalpur, inhabited by seriously mad villagers and off the map of India. Agastya decides the only way to put the village onto the nation's conscience is to fabricate a lie about alien sightings.

    All works well until real aliens land up and the already mad village goes even more mad.

    On paper and in concept the story line of Joker sounds pregnant with possibilites. A madcap alien adventure and a metaphor for the thousands of forgotten vilalges in India which have to take the route of a sensational news item to get noticed- A commercial version of Peepli Live if you may.

    In reality, with Kunder at the helm, Joker ends up being an insufferable farce. Neither does the film work as a brainless entertainer, nor does it have enough meat to sustain an out of the ordinary sci fi tale.

    The people of Pagalpur are mad to the point of being demented. The aliens tacky, ugly and straight out of an 80's Ramsay horror film. The film is inundated by inane gags that dont even make you smile leave alone leve you in splits.

    The writing is uninspired, ameteurish and seriously kindergartenish in nature.

    Akshay Kumar plays to the gallery and is his usal loud self. Sonakshi content with being an eye candy in songs does more of the same thing she has done in her last two outings.

    Shreyas Talpade makes you feel sorry for him seeing such talent being criminally misused, Minisha Lamba is as confused about her role as is the director who got her into the film int he frist place. Rest of the cast hams through scenes in costumes that look like left overs from Lagaan's sets.

    There is mandatory item number thrwon in, aliens do tumkas and jhatkas, mad running around happens and the film mercifully comes to an end before you could take that last step off the cliff.

    Janeman, Tees Maar Khan and now Joker, perhaps this would make Kunder realize films are not his cup of tea. Twitter controversies suit his style better. Stay Away at any cost.

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