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  • Judwaa 2 Review

    Rahul Bharadwaj (13,020 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - September 29, 2017 14:05 PM IST
    3.1DM (18432 ratings)

    Verdict - David Dhawan remains the king of popcorn no-brainer entertainers !

    Judwaa 2Watch trailerRelease date : September 29, 2017

    Unless something goes very wrong David Dhawan will have a rare record to his name. The only director till date in Bollywood who remade his own old hit and repeated the success at Box office. Something which even RGV failed when he tried to remake his Shiva ,though the second instalment had a different theme.

    Judwaa2 has all the old memorable scenes of the original but has enough its own new ones to keep even those entertained who have watched the old one. BTW those of you who are short on trivia the original Judwaa itself was a remake of a Jackie Chan superhit called Twin Dragons.

    Judwaa2 depends heavily on Varun Dhawan and he does give it a very good effort and in some of the comedy scenes he actually does quiet well.

    David Dhawan has got in some very good comic actors to deliver small but sharp comedy scenes which keep you entertained. Upasna Singh as Tapsee's mother and Rajpal Yadav in particular have done a hilarious job. Rajpal Yadav's Tattu tastort scene brought the house down.

    Ali Asgar as the psychologist was awesome and so was Anupam kher's brother in law.

    In short David Dhawan has reworked a 1990s potboiler and ensured that it does not look jaded. Most of the songs are well choreographed and only take the story forward.

    Zakir Hussain as the villain has done a very good job with a role which is one dimensional as it can be in a David Dhawan movie yet he brings an energy to a villain which is as routine as it can get.

    Judwaa2 is not a classic am sure it will not figure in the movies to watch before you die lists but should you walk in the theatre with family it will give you worth your ticket money.

    Given the high rated and actual duds we have suffered in 2017 , Judwaa2 is a refreshing honest entertaining pot boiler.

    Take a bow David Dhawan !

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