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  • Na kuchh tere bas me Julie.

    Smita Vyas Kumar (6,903 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - November 24, 2017 12:38 PM IST
    2.9DM (2593 ratings)

    Verdict - A confused mixed-up story, poor direction and no sensitivity make this a mind-numbing watch. Avoid

    Julie 2Watch trailerRelease date : November 24, 2017

    Disclaimer: I had to watch Julie 2 for purely professional purposes. Desimartini was interested in the post-Censorship Board life of Pahlaj Nihalani and sent me to do this in-depth analysis.

    You will not be surprised with my findings. Julie 2 is abysmally boring and reflects clearly on the resounding, echoing emptiness of the minds of the Producer and Director of this movie.

    Julie 2 is based on the life of superstar Naghma though Mr Nihalani said they were not announcing the name of the star to avoid legal troubles. I guess he knows a bit about those. But the name has been casually mentioned in many interviews so as to leave no room for doubt. In an interview with HT, he went so far as to say "in fact, one of the main actors who is part of our film was also involved with the actress." I guess he meant Ravi Kishen. I would love to see what Naghma does once she sees this film.

    The story is about Julie, who tries to get roles in movies based on her talent. But according to one producer who she meets, talent has nothing to do with it. It's all about 'breaking the seal'. While pre-interval she only sheds copious tears, post interval she does this with a vengeance, which includes three item numbers back to back, including one with Ravi Kishen which he seems to have enjoyed hugely.

    The story is less about Julie and more a crime one. Julie gets badly injured in a shoot-out at a jewellery shop where she is buying a Cross to celebrate her Baptism. (Naghma, btw also became an Evangelist). A slit-eyed cop showing steely determination follows up on this case and unearths some total rubbish about a politician. Anyway, I don't even know why I am trying to explain it to you. Suffice to say, it goes nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

    The movie is a poor distant cousin 40 times removed, of Dirty Picture. It could have shown us the seamier side of movie-making which is quite relevant right now given the number of skeletons tumbling out of Hollywood's closet. However, we live in our own bubble and our own narrow creativity and so the best the movie can do is to show Julie shedding copious tears while using the men around her to climb the ladder of success. And while we are it and the 'story demands it' throw in some skin show too. It would be too much I guess to expect anything more out of a venture like this.

    Mr. Nihalani's idea of a good movie surely differs from the rest of the world. But I guess we can be thankful that he can do lesser harm now on this side of the Censor Board table. At least, you can choose to ignore him here. Avoid at all costs.

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