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    Rahul Bharadwaj (13,020 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - January 25, 2017 13:53 PM IST
    3.3DM (8997 ratings)

    Verdict - The hunter becomes the hunted , the best retribution thriller of the decade !

    KaabilWatch trailerRelease date : January 25, 2017

    Aayega Na…Darega to Nahi . A blind Rohan throws this challenge to his final nemesis in Kaabil in the climax. I am sorry this is the only spoiler in my review without which I cannot start. By this time you know this extremely powerful man will meet his end in the hands of Rohan. By this time in the plot you are totally in awe of Rohan and his single minded quest for retribution. How he actually turns his handicap of being by birth blind into his advantage over others is another absolutely fascinating part of Kaabil.

    To start with Kaabil is the best retribution thriller made in the last one decade. The movie moves at a soft pace for the first 30 odd minutes and when it suddenly shifts into the fourth gear suddenly with a tragedy you realize that the director has you in his grip.

    A happy go lucky blind boy who sees only good in the world despite being served an unfair deal by birth -blindness meets another charming girl who is also blind called Supriya. Initial reluctance leads to them liking each other.They get married and plan a happy blissful life. Their plans meet an abrupt dark tragedy as a monster young brother of a corporator sets his lust on Supriya. Supriya dies and am not telling you how that is the first suspense point of the movie. The blind husband realizes how the system of law has actually led to his wife's death and quietly decides to take matters in his own hand. He then lays a trap so neatly programmed that men with better capabilities and strength end up getting eliminated by this underdog blind man. Kaabil is the tale of hunters becoming the hunted when they chose the wrong prey.

    Kaabil is loaded with suspense points and the most brilliant one hits you right in the end when you think all suspense points have ended.

    Kaabil has twin advantages .A rock solid performance from Hrithik and a perfect loophole free screenplay. At some point of time as someone who loves to do movie analysis I kept wondering who is feeding on whom here the plot on the actor or the actor on the plot. I still don't have the answer but what I for sure know is that the movie had me by the collar and I got goosebumps after goosebumps in scenes after scenes post interval. Hrithik brings out the innocence and pain of a young man who gets a punishment which he never really deserved in the first place but his most brilliant act starts once he becomes a man obsessed and living for his revenge. Never before a man speaking in such cold matter of fact tone has driven so much of thrilling stuff on screen. May I Say this one actually ranks up there with Hirthik's other retribution effort Agneepath.

    Kaabil has very very well written sharp one liners. The one at the interval - iss game main koi lifeline nahi hogi sir ? is clap and whistle worthy.

    Kaabil is also well supported by the villainy of both roy brothers . Ronit as the elder ruthless corporator and Rohit as the spolit wild young brother have given their last bit to their roles and it is their combined villainy which does give some very able competition to Hrithik's Rohan. Only Hrithik is in such fierce form in this one that he has practically washed every one away from the screen. Khaa gaya sabko !

    Kaabil has a very strong performance from the corrupt cop played by Girish Kulkarni and his complicated boss played so much with perfection by Narendra Jha that you wonder why cannot Jha be given more meatier roles by bollywood.

    All of you who love tales of retribution. Kaabil is unmissable. Do not not miss it for anything . I mean anything.

    Four and a half star.

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