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Uncovers the Dark Side of Love, but in an Entertaining & Engaging Manner…….

  • Shashank Shekhar

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    Desimartini | Updated - July 11, 2019 11:01 PM IST
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    Verdict - The brilliant music and the rawness of the character Kabir Singh played brilliantly by Shahid Kapoor is bound to resonate with the audience

    Kabir SinghWatch trailerRelease date : June 21, 2019

    Ok, So Kabir Singh had rocked the YouTube and the music charts with its impeccable trailer and heart touching melodious songs. But, the movie also had high expectations as it was the official remake of the South Indian cult classic Arjun Reddy & obviously the association of Shahid Kapoor in the role of Kabir Singh as the lead protagonist had created a nationwide stir as expectedly he was an interesting choice for the role.
    Now, Shahid Kapoor had already proved his mettle as an actor in previous movies like Haider, Udta Punjab, & even Batti Gul Meter Chalu. But, seriously as stated by himself and in my personal opinion, Shahid Kapoor is was still an underrated actor until this movie.
    His performance in this movie will totally wipe out all the preconceived notions that audience & critics had regarding hi acting skills. This movie is a total scene by scene rip-off of Arjun Reddy and thus the total onus was on male lead as Kiara Advani has a role which has a length that is not more than a cameo.
    Thankfully, Shahid Kapoor again stuns & surprises the audience with his terrific & unpredictable performance as he aces the complex character of Kabir Singh with fierce rebelliousness, an earthy yet sexy swagger, the right pinch of madness, correct doses of attitude & anger, and most importantly he nails the hardest part of the character as he shows the intelligence of the character through his rapid arguments & conversations that make him believable and relatable to the audience in the role of a top surgeon. Lat but not the least, Shahid is again back in the role of a romantic heartthrob as he is from the starting of his career.
    No doubt, that the direction, writing, screenplay, cinematography, and the dialogues of the movie are all superb & par excellence, but the real masterstroke here is the music of the movie as it not only touches the hearts of of listeners, but the tunes also possess a dreamy and rare addictive quality that can hook up the heartstrings of any person of any age group.
    Offcourse, its not a big surprise tha the songs Kaise Hua, Tera Ban Jaunga, & Tujhe Kitna Chane Lage Hum have become anthems among the youth & lovers. Kabir Singh cannot be called superior to Arjun Reddy, but the movie with the songs & the acting of the lead protagonist as its backbone is bound to pull of the tears, emotions, and touch the soul of everyone as the people of this country are the most compassionate in my opinion.
    Although, the surprising part of the movie for those who have not seen the original is that it also makes you laugh throughout and especially the first half is full of laugh-out-loud moments, the second half teaches us about the drudgery that one can go through if he/she dives into a self-destructive mode after diving too deep in the ocean of love and not able to come out of it. The movie beautiful showcases how it can affect your professional & personal life as well.
    The character of Kabir Singh has been mostly in limelight for his personality traits such as alcoholic, drug addict, womanizing, & sex addict, which has caused uproar among the feminists of the whole country who have bashed the movie as misogynistic & violent film. But, the movie is instead a realistic and entertaining depiction of the people who get depressed after their breakups and get stuck up in the rut.
    Now, beneath this superficial, maniac, alcoholic, and arrogant personality of Kabir Singh, there is a benevolent, loving, and caring man, who has an supreme talent, sincerity, and passion for his work and is a fiercely practical man as far as his profession and work is concerned. So, in the end movies are just not another run of the mill love stories with high doses of fantasy for releasing dopamine in audience, but instead, it is a truthful & practical attempt to uncover the dark side of love, which has been done beautifully in this movie.
    So, its up to the youth and audience to decide what they want want take away from the movie, but as far as the box office collections and audience verdict is concerned, the movie has achieved a cult status. Further, the obsession among the youth regarding this movie is still on and finally Shahid Kapoor can be counted among the likes of Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor.

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