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Intriguing, Riveting, Compelling, Thrilling....

  • Inspector VIjay

    Inspector VIjay

    Desimartini | Updated - February 19, 2014 2:24 PM IST
    3.9DM (2386 ratings)

    Verdict - SPECTACULAR

    KahaaniWatch trailerRelease date : March 09, 2012

    When a director who has made a film like Aladdin has his next releasing, you are weary before going into the theatre, but when you have an actress like Vidya Balan following up The Dirty Picture, you know youre in for something interesting. Does it deliver?
    Intriguing, riveting, compelling, thrilling....Kahaani is just spectacular.

    Vidya Bagchi(Vidya Balan) comes to Kolkata in search of her husband Arnab Bagchi who has suddenly gone missing. Pregnant & alone, she takes the help of the local police and does the rounds of his workplace and the hotel he stayed at only to be told that no man by this name existed.
    Jotting clues one by one, she starts putting together a puzzle that could have much more to tell than she thought. Few deaths ensue in her search and in comes a razor sharp Intelligence officer(Nawazuddin Siddiqui) who himself adds to the mystery. What happens eventually? Please do watch and find out.

    Though the film has a considerable runtime, there wasnt a single minute where I looked away from the screen. With a taut screenplay, this ones a rollicking ride on paper itself. The interval point is one of the best I have seen in years.

    Of the actors, Vidya Balan carries this film on her shoulders. It gives me immense pleasure to watch her time & again, as she defies Bollywoods sexy-bimbette-requirement and takes center stage. Yet another feather in her hat.
    Nawazuddin Siddiqui too is stellar.

    Director Sujoy Ghosh comes up with an ace. With a dark, endearing treatment to the film, he sucks you into the lanes of Kolkata as his narrative grips you firmly taking you to an interesting climax, which could have been a bit better.

    Nevertheless, Kahaani is a thumping watch & one which I recommend to all. This weekend, dont think twice, just go for this one & you will end up more than satisfied. One of the best thrillers in recent times.

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