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  • Kaminey! what a kamina title sirji

    Ankit Gupta

    Desimartini | Updated - December 10, 2010 00:20 AM IST
    3.6DM (176 ratings)
    KamineyWatch trailerRelease date : August 14, 2009

    aife aife kaife kaife. I have started to use f more instead of s.

    The movie is about two brothers separated in school-hood. Two brothers Charlie (who pronouns s as f) and Guddu (hak..hak..hakla). In attitude, Charlie is like a musfular horse while Guddu like an innocent donkey (may be it reflects in their names). Charlie is a gangfter who is in horse betting gamble and wants to own his own bookie booth while Guddu wants an ideal life (i.e. increment in age is directly proportional to progress in life). As story proceeds, destinies of the two brothers get connected. While our innocent ass has made his tomboyish-aggressive Marathi lady (Sweety) pregnant, our horses luck has just got him a treasure. Sweetys brother is another Kamina in his movie (Bhupe Bhau), who chants Jai Maharasthra and will not allow his sister to marry our ass. On the other hand, Charlie with the kind of treasure he is handling is out to get into trouble as there are a lot of kamineys in the movie - a Bengali brothers trio, a drug dealer who have Nigerians as his clients and how can we leave out Bombay police (Bo-po).

    Starcast -

    Fahid Kapoor (Heinye kaun hai), alais Shahid Kapoor. This has to be a defining movie for him. Difficult to imagine but he has done full justice to both roles of horse and donkey in this movie (I mean role of Charlie and Guddu respectively). As Guddu , he is Budhhu and innocent. This kind of acts has been his forte, thanks to his choco looks. But his appearance as Charlie is fimply fuperb, awefome. He looks macho, hunk and carries the role very well and pronouns f instead of s very correctly (fantaftic).

    PC , Priyanka Chopra who enacts as Sweety here is bold, both in thoughts and acts. He is fitted into the whole plot very nicely. Frankly I cant see anybody else doing her role (especially that stain-gun firing scene).

    Kamineys (the Dons and the Gangs) the Bengali brothers trio (man!! they actually looked gangster materialbhalo khoub bhalo), Francis (how can we miss him when we speak about Dons and Gangstars in Hindi cinema; so he too is here), Tashi (a drug dealer who loved tattoos, bitches, doggies in descending order), Bhope Bhau (now this character is played by Mr. Amol Gupte, who was the creative director of Taare Zameen Parwhere was the actor till now?), Mikhail, awesome (sry, awefome) and is the best Don amidst them. Lastly, Bopo (Bombay Police)we cant miss them.

    Vishal Bharadwaj director & music director & story writer & etc & a creative genius. He is known to have a different taste in bollywood. In Kaminey, he has brought the much acclaimed Tarantinos dark-wit. Even the Tarantinos trademark Mexico-standoff (all characters stand to put each other off) was there in the climax.recount reservoir dogs or copied Kaante. How he amalgamated the concept of two parted brothers, gangs culmination, love b/t a stammering hero & an aggressive girle and the wit from pronunciation is truly commendable.

    Why Kaminey is not Pulp Fiction?
    Because its not that Kaminey. Vishal Bharadwaj could have made it into a gangster cult movie with the story and cast he had, but then in India, commercial success in an important factor if you want to stay KNOWN in bollywood. His climax has some brilliant shots but there could have been more blood - more deadly execution. The love story b/t Guddu and Sweety could have been shortened and gangsters should have got more footage. But keeping in mind, box office expectations and the taste of common public, this is fabulous work done. 3.75/5

    Fuperb. Dhan Tan Nan by Sukhwinder is good but do listen to Mohit Chauhans Pheli baar mohobat ki hai (the credits song). My favorite one meri arzoo kamini

    Kabhi zindagi se maangaa
    Pinjare mein chaand laa do
    Kabhi laalten de ke
    Kaha aasmaan pe taango
    Jis kaa bhi chehra cheelaa
    Andar se aur niklaa
    Maasoom saa kabootar
    Naachaa toh mor niklaa
    Kabhi hum kaminey nikle
    Kabhi doosre kaminey

    jindagi un rasto se nahi banti jinko hum chunte hai,
    balki unse banti hai jinko hum chhod dete hai

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