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Kapoor & Sons Review- Real Life Drama On The Silver Screen

  • Erica Dsouza

    Erica Dsouza (524 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - September 14, 2018 10:26 AM IST
    3.5DM (1947 ratings)
    Kapoor & SonsWatch trailerRelease date : March 18, 2016

    This movie was an emotional roller coaster ride. I laughed ,I cried, I was shocked. It is a realistic family drama.

    The cast :
    Sidharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan play the role of brothers - Arjun and Rahul Kapoor. Fawad is a successful author fighting writer 's block. Sidharth works as a bartender when actually he wants to be a writer too. The brothers aren't on good terms for a reason later revealed. Although they have the best of fun with their grandfather , the brothers can't quite stand each other. They rush home on finding out their grandfather is ill. When at home, they discover that their parents' marriage is nearing its end and they are also suffering from a financial crisis.

    Ratna pathak always adds value to any project she takes up with quality acting. I would choose her movies over anything else. Whether it is high class Maya Sarabhai or here Sunita Kapoor, she can fit into the shoes of any role . She plays the role of a wife who knows her husband's secrets , tries to save a failing marriage and has secrets of her own which could be the reason why her children don't talk to each other anymore.

    Alia bhatt plays the role of the a girl Tia Malik, that changes everything. She is happy-go-lucky and the girl you want to date. She is great company and fun to hang with. She meets Sidharth at a house party. Then she meets Fawad in the process of selling a house. Unaware they are brothers , Alia develops feelings for one and keeps a secret from the other. This goes on to tear the brothers apart expanding the distance between them more than before.

    Rishi Kapoor is the one keeping the family together. He tries so hard to make things okay , to keep the family intact but he can see it crumbling before his eyes.

    Overall the story is beautifully written and executed. The ending broke my heart. It wasn't exactly a fairytale ending and I liked that. The movie did not go off track and indulge in portraying that everything will be fine in the end. Sometimes nothing is fine. Mending relationships takes time. Even with family you have to start building relationships from scratch.

    Spoiler AHEAD :

    I couldn't bare watching Ratna pathak's character go through such kind of suffering and trials. I wanted her to be the happiest in the end. It was heart breaking to watch her try to love and accept her husband even though he cheated on her , give him a second chance only for him to hurt her again. She lost him and felt so lonely because not only did she lose her husband ,she lost her sons too. They couldn't trust her. They couldn't talk to her anymore. She had caused them pain and hurt. I can't really take sides here and say that her sons should've forgiven her because she was wrong in her own way too.

    End of spoiler

    This is a good family movie . Not a one time watch.

    Hats off to the writers.

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