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One big (un)happy family.

  • Ajitesh Rajeevan

    Ajitesh Rajeevan

    Desimartini | Updated - March 20, 2016 12:48 AM IST
    3.5DM (1899 ratings)

    Verdict - What if you get to live and watch in first person, the same gossips about a dysfunctional family that you've always loved hearing about.

    Kapoor & SonsWatch trailerRelease date : March 18, 2016

    Writing this review without spoiling it for the readers is going to be very difficult. Yet, I am going to stick to the norms, uncheck the "contains spoiler" option and continue writing. Wondering if I'm probably reviewing the wrong movie? No, you'll understand once you watch it.

    Kapoor and Sons, will be one of the best experiences you've had in the theatres. It is like you are handed a camcorder and asked to film the Kapoor family as they undergo a phase which is about to change their lives, forever. You get to live it with them. You are given that opportunity to stand in the middle and witness them have the time of their lives, and share their sorrows as well. Shakun Bhatra has made it so.

    Rishi Kapoor as Amarjeet Kapoor is our hero. I consider all the other characters' stories as petty additions in comparison to the prudent and flippant act of Rishi Kapoor's. The most thought out character sketch in this movie would definitely NOT have been Amarjeet Kapoor's. Shakun simply had to trust in the best, and the best is what he got. Rishi Kapoor is a scream.

    The movie revolves around the Kapoor family: a 90 year old Amarjeet Kapoor who loves playing dead and his last wish is to click a family photograph with his son, Harsh, and daugher-in-law, Sunita, played by Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak, and their sons, Rahul - their "perfect" child and Arjun - the "goof-up" child played by Fawad Khan and Siddarth Malhotra respectively. There is a reason why I rushed through the introduction, its because I'm pretty sure 90% of you usually skip this part. Siddarth and Fawad are perfect and comfortable playing their parts and both of them are seen sharing a rather inevitably strained relationship on screen. Harsh and Sunita, are at that stage in their lives where neither of them are unable to figure out if they have actually outlived their 35 years of marriage. Rajat and Rathna have translated this relationship sublimely on screen. All that the Kapoor wants, is a photograph.

    Alia Bhatt as Tia Malik is funny and she comes as the respite for the quibbling family. Just as Arjun and Rahul, both fall for Tia, you expect the rest of the movie to be about sibling rivalry. Instead, you are thrust with so many other unexpected revelations which outweighs this issue. At one point, it almost feels like you've overstayed your welcome. You start feeling uneasy and want to close the cam-corder and leave the house for some air. Fortunately, this feeling doesn't last long.

    Shakun Batra knew exactly what his audience would feel at every moment, and has designed the sequence of the movie in such a way that you are able to walk through it with a smile. The second half is where the story unfolds and Shakun wraps up the hard part as quickly as it starts. He doesn't dwell on cinematic events to miraculously change the lives of the characters' and set things right. He resorts to the most realistic method, the one which is time tested and proven to be the best recourse for real life situations too. TIME. "Four weeks later" and "four months later" are the saviours. There is no better way to have solved things amongst this family. Absolutely no other way these people could have been brought together for a family picture.

    Kapoor & Sons is one hell of an impassioned ride. One family you wouldn't want to miss visiting. Just don't engage in a conversation with the Kapoor himself. You'll regret it, like when the photographer compliments Kapoor saying that if his grandma were alive, she would definitely have fallen for him, to which Kapoor asks "What about your mom?"

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