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Karwaan Review

  • Rahul Bharadwaj

    Rahul Bharadwaj (13,020 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - August 04, 2018 1:08 AM IST
    3.1DM (7544 ratings)

    Verdict - This one is probably all set to be the first sleeper hit of 2018 !

    KarwaanRelease date : August 03, 2018

    I decided to bet on Karwaan because somehow I was not too moved by the trailers of the other two high decibel movie releases of this week from Bollywood. I am pleased with myself for taking the gamble.
    Karwaan is a brilliant film. It is an intelligent film but it does not drag. It has human emotions and realism in its screenplay and yet it unfolds the most warm story which keeps you hooked. All the characters are brilliant and Akarsh Khurana has derived maximum results from all the actors. So much so that even Amla makes a short but impactful appearance in the movie.
    Karwaan is a tale of two friends . Avinash played by Dulquer Salman who has amazing confidence and earthy sincerity in his acting and Shaukat the man who speaks with a bhopali accent played by the ever in form Irrfan. The two have turned the screen into a game of subtle acting with effortless timing in this movie. You might think that this must be there 50th movie together.
    In a case of misplaced dead bodies these two travel across south India and in the process we get treated to warm moments, lovely emotions, a young girl finding herself and last but for sure not the least some supergood comedy moments.
    The movie has such brilliant crisp sub plots balanced in the screenplay. Father son relations , mother daughter relations and a man who is tormented by a past of his parents not having a happy marriage. All these sub plots effortlessly get woven into the climax where all find hope and peace.
    The movie has a screenplay which never let it become preachy like some of the oh-we-are-so-intelligent-cinema stuff that bollywood has belted out in the recent past. Some of our most celebrated directors might want to learn from Akarsh Khurana how intelligent cinema can actually be entertaining and engrossing.
    The director never lets the movie lose its focus from being a story which has a start and an end point.
    This one is a must watch for those who have been hunting for content between high publicity bollywood duds. Do not miss if you love real content cinema.
    I will not be surprised if this one is the first rocking sleeper hit of 2018 Bollywood.
    My rating a rocking 4.5 stars.

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