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Its so Bad its scary

  • Ameet Bhuvan

    Ameet Bhuvan (2,108 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - April 13, 2014 1:47 AM IST
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    Verdict - Unfunny, insensitive, terrorism on celluloid

    Khiladi 786Watch trailerRelease date : December 07, 2012

    Khiladi 786 opens with Akshay Khiladi kumar bashing the day lights out of a set of goons who seem to have been picked up from a political rally in the middle of their siesta. They fly over him, looking straight into the camera sleepy eyed. Akshay mouths something about being the khiladi /singh/man/human/joker/whatever and the movie sets on its inexplicably ridiculous running length. Forget Joker, Khiladi 786 is the worst film ever in Akki's “glorious” career.

    While there are no pelvic thrusting aliens to give the Khiladi company in this one, there is the Alien like Himesh Reshammiya, head weave threatening to belie his age, who makes up for whatever little was left out in terms of mediocrity in the script. Oh yeah there apparently is a script they used to make this drivel.

    Akshay is a goon, so he can't get married. Asin's beau is behind bars, so she can't get married. Himesh is a match maker's son who can't get anyone married. All three are want to get married into the police force, since that is “respectable”. Really now? While all this happens, Akshay goes around beating people black and blue, breaking things that look like made of pulp paper, and sing horrendously irritating music in severely fashion challenged set pieces. There by hangs a tale of distasteful mockery of anything and everything to do with cinema.

    Then there are the side actors, a bunch of delightful camera obsessed actors who deliver dialogues (if one can call them that) straight into the camera, to hell with acting being all about reacting. A delirious psychopath on the background score can only explain what was playing behind while these set of actors did what they were being paid for. Akshay, Asin, Himesh on the other hand seem to be on a paid vacation where getting dressed for a kindergarten fancy dress competition was the only preparation demanded of them.

    It is a wonder that we still are making films like this, it is a shocker that films like this will go ahead and make money, it is a scary nightmare that Akshay will come back with more films that might just pale this one out with its mediocrity. Catch a dark corner in your house, hide there under the blanket and pray to the gods this goes out of the screens asap.

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