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Dhoom:4 with Salman Khan!

  • Mayank Nailwal

    Mayank Nailwal

    Desimartini | Updated - August 10, 2014 11:06 AM IST
    3.6DM (6770 ratings)
    KickWatch trailerRelease date : July 25, 2014

    KICK [2.5 + (0.5)/ 5]- "DHOOM:4 starring SALMAN KHAN"

    After a series of Bad movies (real bad) except the decent EK tha Tiger, this one is a kick for the Dabangg khan to uplift his falling career.
    Honestly, I had almost Zero expectations. The trailer was also not very exciting and my presumption about the moving having no story stood 100% correct.
    4 writers credited(even including Chetan Bhagat), but what you get is inconsistent & and an incoherent screenplay.

    There are snatches of Batman, Zorro, Dabangg, Aks, Bodyguard & Especially Dhoom:3. Infact many from it. But where Dhoom:3 failed miserably to deliver any kinda Fun, Kick does it right. It's moreover a Dhoom 3 done right.
    Salman is Outstanding. He plays himself. Like the dialogue-"Main Dil main aata hun, samajh main nahin", it's a larger than life character best suited to him.
    The action(though very less) was brilliant. Considering its a Bollywood movie, the production values were superb. Especially a chase sequence in Poland looked spectacular.
    Songs are decent with good presentation.
    Among the rest, almost everyone performed hammy yet amazing.

    Randeep Hooda did what Abhishek Bachchan should do in a better way, Jacqueline Fernandis too was impreesive.
    It was Nuwazuddin Siddique in the second half who took the maximum claps with a superb performance. He was notches higher in scenes with Salman.

    The cinematography deserves special mention. It was fab and a bit artful!

    Overall, despite its flaws, lack of logics, zero story, and some exceeded runtime, Kick does succeeds in providing decent entertainment.
    A good Eid-flick.
    Extremely Watchable.
    And that extra 0.5 is for Salman and his dancing. LOL!

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