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KICK delivers what it promises - Entertainment. SALMAN ROCKS once AGAIN !!!

  • Ketan Gupta

    Ketan Gupta

    Desimartini | Updated - August 08, 2014 8:06 AM IST
    3.6DM (6752 ratings)
    KickWatch trailerRelease date : July 25, 2014

    Salman Khan is one such star who has been entertaining the Bollywood
    film industry for 25 years. Many naysayers believe his films are
    illogical but do Salman's fan even care about? KICK was one of the best
    Bollywood action movie made in the recent time with well-executed
    action scenes , snippy-snazzy stunts and of course it gives you one and
    the only SALMAN KHAN's charisma.It is enthralling and gives you an
    entertainment potion right from the beginning till the end.

    As Shania and Himanshu meet each other to discuss about their
    prospective marriage in a train narrating their past story , little
    they know that they are talking of one person who is common between them had changed their respective lives - Devil Lal Singh or the Devil who loves to get an adrenalin rush with a KICK in his life.

    Celebrity producer Sajid Nadiawala gets into the director's chair for
    the first and chooses a Telgu remake of same name that came in 2009.
    The trailer was definitely a big thumbs up along with chart busting
    music. For the first time, I went to see the movie being as general
    audience rather than a Salman's fan and to my surprise I loved the film
    right from the beginning till the end. The movie begins on big note
    with a grand entry of Salman ( always something to look forward ) with
    whistle and noise cheering from the audience and next follows is few
    comic scenes along with romantic track. For the first 45 mins, the
    movie has nothing much going in its favor but gains steam aftermath
    once Salman gets into the character of Devil. The cat-mouse game
    between Hooda and Salman , the action sequences well shot in Glasglow,
    Scotland and climax between Salman and Nawazzuddin are some of
    highlights of the film. On the flip side, the editing is loose with
    shallow script which hinders the movement of the film. The film could
    easily be trimmed making it more impacting. Background score is decent.
    Cinematography is fabulous. Art direction is enchanting. Action
    sequences have been well-choreographed. Music by Himehs and Meet
    Brothers ( who gave musical score in Ragini MMS 2) is foot-tapping.
    Salman Khan steals the thunder with a convincing performance. After
    Tere Naam, I liked his emotional outburst scenes when he is about to
    save the cancer patient. He will be applauded for entertainment which
    is expected out of him. Randeep Hooda will surely get recognized after
    this film. He is outstanding as the diligent cop. Need we say anything
    about Nawazuddin Siddique. He is one of finest actor we have in Hindi
    Cinema and am sure , he will be more popular after his shrewd and
    cunning yet enjoyable character. Jacqueline Fernandez is looking
    gorgeous but need to work on acting skills.

    Overall , KICK delivers what it promises - Entertainment. This has
    style as well as substance. Salman's super stardom and well-defined
    content will make it sustainable at the ticket window and has good legs
    to prolong its splendid run. Good 3 /5

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