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Obsession Redefined

  • Rajiv Menon

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    Desimartini | Updated - April 17, 2014 6:45 PM IST
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    Verdict - Definitely deserves to be watched

    KshayWatch trailerRelease date : June 15, 2012

    Kshay is not definitely the usual type of Indian film that you may want to watch over a weekend. A first of its kind film, Kshay plays with your psyche and leaves you in a state of total predicament. In other words, the film is a proficient take on psychological drama of obsession.

    Living an ordinary life with her beloved husband Arvind is Chhaya. On a normal day, waiting for her husband, Chhaya lays eyes on the most beautiful idol of Goddess Lakshmi, and decides right then and there that come what may she needs to buy it. However, shes got one little problem. The price of the idol is 15,000 and she cant afford it. As days pass by, Chhayas obsession for the idol exasperates and consumes her from within. Will Chhaya get the idol or not forms the rest of the story?

    From a viewers perspective the plot is simple and convincing. Nonetheless, what remains a mystery and intrigues one and all is why Chhaya obsessed? Karan pushes you deep in to the psyche of Chhaya and gives you the opportunity to decide it for yourself. In essence, as you watch this film, you tend to gradually get obsessed with Chhaya, when shes on the other hand getting obsessed with the idol. Brilliant!

    In the very first scene, Chhaya gets a small scar on her cheek when a triangular shaped piece of stone comes flying off a moving car. Chhaya shrieks in pain and enters the nearby store in search of water to wash off the oozing blood; where she stumbles upon the idol, and thus begins the obsession.

    Is there a better way to depict obsession, I wonder? The scar is used as a trigger to set off the obsession, and the stone as an instrument that pushes the obsession to worst possible limits. Why a scar you may ask? Its simple; scar is used to count time. Havent you ever looked at a scar on your body and told yourself, hey, I got this when I was in class 5? As the scar fades with time, it gently reminds Chhaya that time is ticking and she still hasnt gotten her idol.

    Music definitely deserves sincere appreciation. It was resonating, eerie and engaging in the right places. There are scenes when Chhaya is sulking in solitude, talking to herself, its the music that brings forth what she wants to express. Music here becomes Chhayas expression, her voice and most importantly, her pain.

    Kshays heart is Chhaya aka Rasika Dugal. She breathes life in to this film and makes it plausible. In the film, her eyes become the epitome of expression. Her dynamic performance certainly heightens the film to unimaginable heights. Had she walked home with a bunch of awards I wouldnt have been surprised at all. Arvind aka Alekh Sangal on the other hand was fitting in his role as the hapless husband.

    The black and white cinematography adds freshness to the presentation and creates an aura that wouldve been impossible in color. Karans direction and screenplay was outstanding and impeccable. If Chhaya was the heart of the film then undoubtedly Karan was the brain.

    In one line; Kshay is a masterly executed one of its kind psychological thriller.

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