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  • Poetic love story with stunning visuals!

    Inspector VIjay

    Desimartini | Updated - July 05, 2013 10:37 AM IST
    3.4DM (3995 ratings)

    Verdict - Old school romance coupled with lovely music make a compelling watch

    LooteraWatch trailerRelease date : July 05, 2013

    From the very first promo, I was loving the vibe of Lootera. Classic romance, 2 good actors, Amit Trivedi's music & Vikramaditya Motwane. Does this adaptation of "The Last Leaf" tickle the cinematic senses?

    Poignant, poetic & compelling for most of it, this one almost hits a homerun.

    Set in 50's West Bengal, this small town story takes us into the lives of a rich Zamindar, his romantic-at-heart daugter(Sonakshi) & an archeologist (Ranveer) who comes into their lives. Without revealing much of the plot all I'd say is that the first half is a beautiful cresendo of romance, intrigue & humour.

    The second half plays out a more leisurely pace with the story moving to snow-lad mountains, small lodges & a stunning visual treat. At the heart of it, this one is a classic tale of romance & woe with a beautiful end.

    The music by Amit Trivdei is just brilliant, infusing dollops of flavour to the film. Zinda playing during the climax had to be the most fitting end.

    Ranveer Singh puts in his most restrained performance to date & pulls it off with panache. Sonakshi springs a surprise in an acting heavy role, pitching in with a game-changing performance. Adil Hussain is great as well.

    Hats off to Vikram Motwane for going down a path that could have gone all awry & making the most of it. I wished he had gone slightly deeper on the emotional front to build a greater connect.

    To sum it up, this one is like wine, you let it take its time to grow on you & savour the end result. The only issue I found was the pre-climax pacing that could have been sharpened a bit. Nonetheless, this one is like a moving painting, one that is a joy to watch.

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