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  • Heart Matters

    Ankur Pathak (50 DM Points)

    Desimartini | Updated - August 24, 2010 21:06 PM IST
    3.7DM (174 ratings)
    Love Aaj KalWatch trailerRelease date : July 31, 2009

    Well, it would be perfectly unjust to tag it as just another love story, an understatement I must add. Imtiaz Ali has much more to show, invent than just the usual tragic break-up & an equally tragic re-union foolish & so Bollywoodish.
    The movie helplessly suffers from a burden of heavy expectations & eager anticipations.
    The director lives upto both, with the audience coming out whispering in appreciation, which matters the most.

    Love Aaj Kal is modern, ultra-modern cinema where cruel and ugly
    fall-outs followed by uglier sobs are replaced by trendy break-up parties and the problems are shown as dealt with the aam-janta ,
    Simple story.
    A hip couple (Jai-Meera) casually meet at the local pub, all set in London & after quite a while they realize they are an item, when a friend actually points out. Now dude, thats something cool, you hang-out and make-out with a girl without actually committing to her.

    Both are smart enough and according to them they are being perfectly practical aur sab kuch ek dum mast me plan hai.
    As their respective careers make them shift base, Jai comes to the airport to see-off (already his ex-now) with some flowers strongly recommended by Veer-Singh (Rishi Kapoor), Meera is delighted.

    On Jais insistence , Veer Singh is convinced to tell tales of his own youth & by now we ve two stories running closely corresponding to each other.
    Imtiaz Ali has got hold of a very novel concept. The narration of two love stories set in different eras, at variance from each other coming to a common conclusion is something which requires one to explore the core of creativity. Moreover casting Saif again as a younger version of Veer Singh is indeed a smart and a clever attempt.

    As the sepiatoned flashbacks are unwrapped, Jai starts realizing that although the times have a gap of decades, but the process of falling & being in love is similar,
    The sepiatoned version is the one I like more. The scene in which Veer Singh crosses a 1000 miles to get a glimpse of Harleen Kaur & exchange a packet of bundi with the black-tea, with the fantastic Aj-din chadiya (Pritam) playing in the background is remarkable and makes up for a perfect interval for you to quickly grab the caramel, clear your bladders and hurry back to your seat.
    The second half makes the film better, compensates for any hiccups in the previous hour. Jai feels himself more of Veer Singh and the fact finally sinks in, that it is indeed Meera who is missing, his architectures are incomplete & unstable until the bricks are in place.

    The Veer Singh movie going simultaneously adds up , mixes perfectly and almost instantly connects the two. Good Job.
    Saif Ali Khan has gradually emerged as a fine actor and with Love Aaj Kal he has finally got rid with the fact that he needs multi-starrers as catalysts. He impresses the audience with admirable performances as both, the cool dude Jai or the pratigya seeking Veer Singh. He plays both the characters with utmost ease and with the much needed difference. Deepika Padukone as Meera is convincing, just convincing. She needs to work on her dialogue delivery and more of acting genes to be generated. Newcomer Giselle Monteiro makes up for a pretty descent Harleen Kaur.
    But most of all, other things being equal, its Imtiaz Ali you gotta book a seat in the cineplexes for. His innovative and highly amusing skills of story narration is a medal in itself showing his aptitude as a film-maker.

    The dialogues are still his strength. Matched by captivating music, catchy songs (Twist, Aahun-Aahun) the enchanting ye dooriyaan playing at the perfect time, Love Aaj Kal makes you a part of it as it heads for a highly exciting and an arresting climax wherin both Jai & Veer Singh collide. Once again, credit to Imtiaz for making the characters lively , transforming and potraying the basic story of confused youngsters and appealingly connecting it with a much previous generation, which he unwraps in a highly efficient manner youd expect, here is a film maker who knows why to pick whom
    Watch it within Aaj-Kal, Id recommend.

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